Rock the Cradle: Music to Stimulate Baby in the Womb

Have you heard of the Mozart Effect

It’s a famous theory that says listening to Mozart’s music can boost the intelligence of your baby in the womb. While this is just a theory, music does seem to have a big effect on your unborn baby.

Music has been proven to stimulate babies in the womb, calming them, soothing them, and contributing to their development. This makes sense as music provides many benefits for everyone, such as elevating your mood, increasing blood flow, reducing stress, and even easing pain.

While playing music can be beneficial for your unborn baby, there are a few tips you need to follow to ensure you are soothing, instead of disturbing, your baby. If you want your baby to experience all the benefits of music while in the womb, this short and simple guide is for you. 

Wait Until Your Second Trimester 

If you are wondering when do babies start hearing in the womb, it’s around the second trimester. This is when your baby’s ears start to develop and they hear their first sounds. If you want to use music, make sure to wait until you are in your second trimester. 

Sing To Your Baby

A great tip for how to stimulate a baby’s brain development is to sing to them. While music is beneficial, your voice is still the best sound they can hear. You can supercharge your efforts by having your family members sing and talk to your baby as well.

Play Soothing Music

A great tip for using music to stimulate a baby in the womb is to play soothing music. Babies can be startled, which means playing vibrant music can have a negative effect. Stick to classical, ambient, sleep, and other calming music. 

Control the Volume

Just like vibrant music can disturb your baby, loud music can as well. Make sure you are playing the music at a volume that is comfortable for you and your baby. If you are finding the music a bit too loud, chances are your baby is as well. 

Avoid Playing Too Much

While playing music for your baby is a great idea, you can have too much of a good thing. Playing too much music can have the opposite effect and disturb your baby’s environment. Just like you sometimes need a break from sound, your baby does as well. 

Use Headphones Sparingly

Headphones and other products for soon to be moms can be beneficial during your pregnancy. However, putting headphones on your belly can sometimes be too loud for your baby. Make sure you are using headphones sparingly and instead, playing music as you normally would. 

This Is How To Use Music To Stimulate the Baby in the Womb

By using these tips, you can use music to stimulate and soothe your baby in the womb.

Start by waiting until your second trimester to play music for your baby. You should also sing to your baby, play soothing music, and control the volume. Make sure you don’t play too much music and use headphones sparingly. 

Follow these tips to provide a soothing experience for your baby.

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