Advices from People Who Got out of a “Rotten” Relationship

While I’m writing you this, I have “Ed Sheeran – I see Fire” in the background. This music relaxes my soul.

It’s tough to talk about relationships and not to think about all of those failed attempts you had through your life.

A person in love is a blind person. She doesn’t have the eyes of the others to see what’s going on with her partner. Sometimes that’s what hurts us the most. Not being able to see.

All of our friends are here to judge and advise us what we should do next. The real problem is that they are not we. It’s the person inside who needs to say it’s over and move on.

The most difficult part? – Walking away from a rotten relationship.

Finding the strength to say goodbye is bravery. Some people say only cowards do this but tell me if that bad relationship deserves chances and “fixing” unfixable things?

We have all had bad relationships and we know how they ended. I admire those people who found their soulmate in their first attempt.

Ending a rotten relationship is what brave people do. Brave to move on and find the right path without carrying a major load on their back.

What I have here are 17 people who were willing to speak up for the sake of advising the others.

They talked about their worst relationships and how they found the strength to go out of them.

Let’s hear them out:















The screenshots were taken from the direct source: Elite Daily

Have you had a bad relationship? Don’t hesitate to share your advice on how you managed to get out of it.

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