Reason and Idea Behind Best Education in US and Their Various Factors:

There are many best institutions and universities that offer the best education in the US. From the recent survey, it proves that the American students are very poor when compared to the students from other countries in the world. Also, they have analyzed that the American educational system has been marked as grade C continuously for the third time in a row. This survey is published by the educational news publication journal from their 18th year survey results. Look at for additional info.

There is also an index which is named as K-12 achievement index which will indicate the quality counts of the education system of the particular country or university. Also, according to the index value, Massachusetts State receives the highest score in the index value and Mississippi State got the second highest index score. This survey is also indicating that the quality of education has turned into money and this makes for a low educational system in other states of the United States.

From this index value, we can understand that the states with highest scores will spend more money on education rather than spending in other fields and they focus on the education system. Also, they understand that only educational activities will improve the other fields in the state. One of the senior associates in the survey also indicates that the funding alone is not a big deal to provide the proper education to the student which involves guidance and motivation comes into the first step for providing best education for the students.He also explains that one of the reasons for the disparity is taking the right policies for the students at the right time. The wall street journal is also reviewed for index scoring and to understand the universities with highest and lowest scoring results and identify the factors for it as well. Some of the factors that covered for this assessment are standards of education, assessment of the educational system and its accountability, the style of teaching professions for the students, qualifications of the professors in the university, financial status of the institutions or universities, long term success rate of the students provided by the university, and transitions agreement of the university. You can also check this site out.