10 Motivation Ideas For Achieving the Weight Loss Goal Easily

In my working experience as a nutritionist, I found out that people are really hard for motivating.

From most of the things, I find “she told me that this doesn’t work” sentence the most annoying.

It’s really hard to motivate a person after this. Losing weight is difficult. But, the thing that makes it harder is the motivation people have to lose weight.

You can’t imagine what I needed to go through to get my client motivated to lose weight.

Later in my career, I found out something else. The magic is in the little things.

When you tell someone that he needs to drop 10 pounds by doing this or that for a month he starts thinking about a few things:

  •      What in the hell I was thinking when I was eating that hamburger?!
  •      A month for 10 pounds? – I can do it myself faster!
  •      Huh, my sister/friend/colleague lost 10 pounds for 1 month on a similar diet and she gained 20 afterwards.
  •      This won’t work. I better starve and lose those 10 pounds for a week!
  •      Whoa! I’ll look awesome, when do I start? – After a week, I can’t do this!

And hundreds of other similar thoughts.

Like I said before, the magic is in the little things. Well, a small motivational habit never harmed anybody.

I found 10 of these, but the list is opened. Any of you who lost weight and want to tell your simple motivational helper.

1. Emergency Vegetable/Fruit Bags



2. Weight Loss Jars


3. Daily Eating Plan


4. Daily Workout Plan


5. Workout Shelf placed on Vivid Place


6. Weight Loss Journal


7. Motivation Wall for Working Out


8. Workout/Piggy Bank Jar. A dollar for every workout!


9. Post-it Note Calendar to Help You Practicing The New Habit


10. Water Bomb to Help Your Water Intake


See? Simple tips for achieving the next goals.

Share these with your friends who want to lose weight. They are extremely helpful!

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