Plants Are the New Pets

Whether you are looking for a green thumb or just looking for something to add color to your home, plants are the new pets. The benefits of having plants around your home include reduced stress and improved concentration. You’ll find that having plants in your home is a great topic for small talk and even friendships.

Succulents are my New Pets

Plants Are the New Pets

Whether you’re a seasoned houseplant keeper or a beginner, succulents are an easy plant to care for. They’re also incredibly attractive. And they can be grown in a variety of settings, including indoors and out.

If you’re a pet owner, you’re probably concerned about keeping succulents in your home. The good news is that most plants are safe for your pets. But you should still check with your vet about any health issues your pet may have.

Some succulents can be toxic, even if they’re nontoxic to humans. That’s why checking with your vet before bringing a new plant into your home is important. Some common plants to avoid are aloe vera, jade, and poinsettia. These succulents can cause mouth irritation, gastrointestinal upset, and vomiting.

The good news is that most succulents are not toxic to pets, but you should keep them out of your pet’s reach. For example, if your pet ingests aloe vera, he or she might experience significant diarrhea. The sap from poinsettia plants can also be irritating to the mouth.

Indoor plants improve concentration and productivity

Adding indoor plants to your workspace has been shown to boost productivity and staff well-being. Besides increasing creativity and concentration, plants improve indoor air quality and air purification, reduce stress and respiratory problems, and alleviate skin irritations.

A cross-sectional survey of workplaces investigated associations between plants and workplace outcomes. In addition to air quality and temperature, workplace factors such as lighting, noise, demands, and social support were considered.

The study sample reported having moderately high demands, moderate control, and moderately low perceived stress. They also reported having few sick days in the past year.

A University of Michigan study found that spending time interacting with plants in the office improved alertness. Researchers also found that an hour’s worth of interaction with plants improved memory retention by 20%.

In a recent study, the ZZ plant was found to improve cognitive function by increasing air quality. In addition to being a great indoor plant, it also has spectacular foliage.

Gardening is good for mental health

Gardening is a great way to improve your mental health. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Gardening also provides an opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. All of these things can help improve your mood and mental health.

According to a recent survey of retirees in Boynton Beach Florida, gardening was the top hobby of seniors, who also mentioned it was a great stress reliever. In humid states like Florida, mangos, starfruit, and ackee grow freely and easily. The climate is warm and humid, and there is plenty of sunshine. Many seniors are choosing to sell their Boynton Beach house for cash to move into retiree communities, where there are group gardening sessions.  The same surveyed seniors said they were happy to be living amongst each other, and loved being outdoors as it calmed their senses.

They’re an excellent topic for small talk or even friendship

Whether you are stuck in a hotel room or simply stuck at a party, you can start a great conversation by starting a topic about plants. It’s a great way to learn about another person and connect with them. In addition, a plant is an easy topic to find and to bring up.

Another great conversation topic is to find something unique to the room. Look around the room and find a subject you both enjoy. For example, you might both enjoy reading so you could start a conversation about what you like to read. You could also find something both of you like to watch on television.