Physical Fitness Importance: Beat COVID-19 with your Fitness

It’s already over the year, and COVID-19 is nowhere near gone. In fact, many countries are brutally attacked by the second wave of coronavirus. 

By far, we have tried everything — lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and whatnot. But things aren’t getting back to normal anytime soon. Now, it’s high time to think of a permanent solution that can help us beat COVID-19 in the long run. 

There’s only one thing that can help you to fight the virus — your good immunity. Many studies have shown how a good immune response beats coronavirus infection. Thus, if you want to stay healthy and happy during a pandemic, you have to work on your fitness. 

If you aren’t still confused that your good fitness is a real COVID-19 vaccine, let’s discuss the topic in detail. 

Strengthen your Lungs 

It is common knowledge that the COVID-19 virus causes lung inflammation, making it hard for you to breathe. This can lead to severe pneumonia, which affects your lung’s function of exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide with your blood. That’s why serious COVID-19 patients required constant oxygen support. 

With physical activities, you can increase the oxygen supply in your lung that won’t let your oxygen level drop during the virus attack. Regular exercise makes your lung muscles stronger. Your healthier lung can more efficiently pump oxygen into the bloodstream. 

Additionally, some exercises can also strengthen your neck and chest muscles, including diaphragm and rib muscles, to help you better inhale and exhale. Some tips to strengthen your lungs:

  • It is recommended that adults should spend 30 minutes on physical activity five days a week. 
  • You have multiple lungs strengthening exercise options at the gym like aerobics, Pilates, weight-lifting, yoga, and more. 
  • After a workout, drink warm water to soothe your lungs. 

Reduce your Weight 

Roughly 70 million adults in the US are suffering from obesity. There’s a fact; obesity never comes alone. It brings diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and heart disease along. 

Based on a recent CDC report, people suffering from these diseases have 12 higher chances of death from coronavirus infection. Thus, you should include weight loss exercises in your physical activities to cure your obesity. 

However, if you already tried hard to shed extra kilos, but nothing is working for you. In that case, you need professionals to help you out. You can find a good weight loss trainer in your local gym, or you can join a virtual gym to perform the following weight-loss activities:

Weight Training: With custom-designed weight training, you can easily shed a few calories in your 30 minutes workout sessions. Also, weight training can help you build strength and boost your muscle growth. 

HIIT Training: High-intensity interval training is a common gym exercise. In HIIT training, different intensity of exercises is performed with alternative recovery period including jumping, skipping, weight-lifting, etc. 

Yoga: To melt away your stress and boost your immunity, yoga is the best weight loss exercise. With yoga, you can lose weight and also treat your obesity-related problems. 

Pilates: According to the American Council on Exercise, if you weigh around 140 pounds, 30 minutes of Pilates class can help you shed 108 calories. If you are a beginner weight loser, Pilates is the gym activity for you. 

Improve your Mental Health 

Currently, the media and governments are all focused on coronavirus’s physical consequences; there’s an underlying mental health crisis also brewing. Today, people are emotionally vulnerable and uncertain about their future. Moreover, the lockdown has shown an adverse impact on mental health worldwide. The pandemic has triggered mental health problems like depression, insomnia, anxiety, etc. 

A regular workout can help to reduce stress and anxiety among people. It can prevent the development of mental health problems and improve your quality of life. Performing the gym exercises like Pilates, yoga, resistance training, or boxing, you can improve your mental fitness with ease. 

How to Stay Active During the Pandemic? 

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