Which Personality Type You Are Most Compatible With? (The Enneagram System)

Before we get down to the personalities, let me talk about The Enneagram System for a little while.

This will help those who haven’t heard about it.

Shortly said, it studies personality types and their role in this world.

If you know what personality you have, you will find it easy to compare yourself with the help of this system.

If you haven’t discovered your personality, take this quiz and see.

Go ahead. I’ll wait for you right here.

Ready? Nice.

Now let’s head over to the personalities. According to the Enneagram System, there are 9 types of personalities in this world.

All people must be compatible with these. You will be amazed of how accurate this is.

The people behind this scientific discovery must be pretty well equipped to achieve this.

Now let’s delve into the enneagram test, a powerful tool used to determine an individual’s personality type based on the Enneagram System’s nine distinct types. Your highest score will indicate your dominant Enneagram type. This scientific discovery showcases the expertise and thorough understanding of the people who developed this system.

Let me introduce the personalities to you.

  •      The Challenger
  •      The Peacemaker
  •      The Enthusiast
  •      The Loyalist
  •      The Investigator
  •      The Individualist
  •      The Achiever
  •      The Helper
  •      The Reformer

Which one do you hope you are?

Let’s see what’s behind them.

The Challenger

The challenger is a natural born leader. They are always in control and hate it when it’s proven otherwise.

They need to be in front of everything so they can control everything they can.

These people meld best with the helper, who is always here for the challenger. He comes and reduces all the stress in the challenger.

The Peacemaker

His personality says it all. He avoids conflict and seeks for harmony. Their best personality match is the loyalist who always advises the peacemaker.

You can easily rely on them.
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The Enthusiast

This personality loves adventurous things. It’s very rare to see these people go to one place twice.

They want to experience new things. They are really creative, extroverted, and open minded.

Talking about their best match, that’s the investigator.

He helps the enthusiast with calming energy.

The Loyalist

Right. This personality is very loyal to his friends and partners. You have to do big things to earn their trust.

But once you’ve earned it, they will stick with you.

The peacemaker is the best match for this personality. They put their minds at ease over relationship issues.

The Investigator

This personality is an introvert. They tend to read and express their thoughts through writing.

The enthusiast is their best match. They can turn the attention of the investigator to the fun side of life.

The Individualist

The individualist is the one who will take over things and do them alone. They prefer to be unique.

The reformer is their best match because it helps them achieve their goals while feeling special.

The Achiever

Failure is out of the question for this personality. All they want is success. They always work hard and tend to become extremely focused on their goal.

This personality tends to be extroverted and admires all kinds of personal achievements.

The best match is the enthusiast, who often shares and meets all sorts of goals.

When paired together, the achiever and enthusiast are a powerful couple.

The Helper

The helper meets the needs of others. They are focused on love and their ideal match is the challenger.

It helps the helper from getting overextended. They often encourage the helper stand up strong.

The Reformer

The perfectionist. Their life is based on making things better. They will calm down when everything is very well organized.

Their best match is the individualist. While the reformer gets stuck somewhere, the individualist pulls them out and shows new ways for meeting their goals.

Which personality matches you?

That was a fun read.

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Source: Higher Perspectives

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