Our Top 5 Favorite Magazines of 2021 – And Yes, They’re Still Relevant

Print is certainly not dead. In the age of digital media providing more articles than we can keep up with, print still holds its weight, especially in the beauty industry.

From fashion to editorial pieces on highly reputable designers, activists, writers, and political leaders, beauty magazines have become more than just fluff pieces on the best type of mascara that won’t make your eyelashes clump. (However, we would love to know the real story behind this one and aren’t opposed to sharing some tips about this, too!)

Since printing has become more affordable, creating an even more accessible medium, novices are coming out to create their own indie magazines. With magazine printing from companies like Printing Center USA, it’s easy for new writers to share their favorite fashion and beauty articles with the world.

Let’s take a look as we share our top five favorite magazines of 2021. And yes, for the record, they are absolutely still relevant.

Vogue Magazine

Not one person, despite their gender, is unfamiliar with Vogue. Its timeless name has taken over several industrties, including but not limited to publishing, fashion, modeling, art, travel, and politics.

Not only has Vogue been in business since 1892, but they since established several sub editions such as Teen Vogue, Men’s Vogue, Vogue Living, and several others. It’s no wonder that with a publication life of almost 130 years that this magazine ranks as the top contender amongst the most popular beauty magazines.

Beauty Papers

Aside from the mainstream market, indie beauty magazines have taken off within the industry. Holiday is by far one of the top magazines in the business. Its eclectic sense of fashion is heavily influenced by various eras that give it more of a retro aesthetic. They focus each of their issues on a different region of the world, most recently centering their content around Los Angeles.

Marie Claire

As one of the first French beauty magazines to become popularized in the United States, Marie Claire offers its readers more than the usual beauty and fashion. They usually cover inspiring news stories that are heavily women-centered to empower other women around the world.

They also cover other topics such as relationship advice, career tips, health, lifestyle, money habits, and much more. Fun fact about the magazine: Marie Claire has been the sponsor of the reality television show, Running in Heels since 2009. The show is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar has been covering fashion, lifestyle, and beauty since its first issue was released in 1867. Now, the magazine is published throughout the world in over twenty countries.

This magazine is known for award-winning photography, writing, and illustrations, along with editorials from some of the most famous people in entertainment, film, and art.

What you may not know about this magazine is there was a heavy influence from Vogue when it underwent a dramatic change. The previous editor of Vogue, Carmel Snow, began working at Harper’s Bazaar and revolutionized fashion photography from posed studio shots to natural positions in nature. 


Based in Soho, London, Gentlewoman is an Indie beauty magazine that is run by women. The magazine is currently released twice a year and covers high-profile editorials, including a special edition featuring the one and only Beyoncé.

The magazine was launched in 2010, and now focuses on sharing stories on art and culture to coincide with their beauty and fashion categories. 

However, there was another variation of The Gentlewoman that was originally founded in 1890 that was also published in London. At the time, it was a weekly paper of illustrations specifically targeted towards women which as you can imagine in that era was unheard of.

The world of fashion and beauty is influenced far beyond the superficial level many people tend to associate it with. As you can see, some of these publications have been around for over a century and continue to share inspiring stories from women and influential leaders who are making waves to better the world through art, music, film, and politics.