Where to Get Your Start in the Music Industry

Starting anything new from scratch can be overwhelming, especially if it’s making your way into an industry as big and challenging as music. The pressure can be defeated as a primary reason for so many failed career stories in music is not taking the proper steps in the start and failing to do well when the going gets tough.

It’s a most common question where to get a start in the music industry? I will say don’t sit around and wait for your music career to happen to you. Step up and make it real, just like Mark Gillespie.

This article aims to guide you through some things which would be potentially helpful if you’re a clueless beginner in the music industry, not sure what to do.

Figure out your type

Music is a vast field consisting of many genres and classes, including rock, pop, metal, classical, etc.  You need to figure out that the potential you have will help you grow in these music genres. A sensible approach to do that would be to try your luck in multiple genres and see what you feel you possess the most potential for, what you enjoy the most, and what ignites your inner passion giving you the driving force necessary to keep going.

Build a Platform

Now let’s face it, you won’t be invited to play or sing on television in your first week. You need a platform to showcase your talent. Building and properly promoting your platform might just be the most crucial step in your entire music career. In this day and age, this step has become very easy with the existence of social media. An Instagram or Facebook profile can alone help you reach a large audience.

Self-promotion and Publicity

Building a platform alone isn’t enough. There are thousands of aspirants who make their Facebook page one day, post some content here, and there is a span of a few weeks, but they fail to get recognized mainly because they put no effort into promotion and publicity. The importance of this can be realized by the fact that every huge brand has hired a well-known advertisement industry it works with to get to the top.

Be Creative and Consistent

Music is an art, and it’s no secret that the only way to succeed at art is to go out of the box and be very creative. Keep following your passion and keep making music. Express yourself creatively through your music. Work very hard, and don’t let any setback drive you to a point where you want to give up. Remember, consistency is critical.

Develop Connections

Your first goal should be to develop connections in your regional area and music scenes. You can network in your community, city, and institution by grasping the different music venues and building relationships with other regional artists and personalities included in the music. You can also consider it as building a local support organization to help you stay motivated.

Avail Every Opportunity

Soon enough, you’ll start getting projects, but they won’t be big ones. The biggest mistake any young artist can make is refusing work, thinking it’s too minor or not their standard. You have to struggle and work your way up to the top; nothing comes served to you on a silver platter. So shoot your shot at every opportunity that comes your way, big or small.


The bottom line is that nothing is easy to get started with. One has to be very determined, hardworking, and consistent if one wants to succeed their ultimate destination. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being consistent and not giving up because you never know at what point you are one step away from reaching your goal. It says that the biggest and the most crucial step is to start; after that, all you have to do is keep going. So, just keep going and never give up.