Your Nails Can Tell You a Lot About Your Character. Do You Agree?

I don’t believe in fortune tellers who are predicting your future or destiny just by looking at the palm of your hand.

Even if this looks like that at first sight, it’s something different.

See it as a simple test of your personality.

The rules are simple and the result could surprise you.

What you need to do next is to look at your nails and compare them to this image below.

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  1. Long, rectangular shape

If you are a proud owner of these nails you are probably a very communicative person.

Your satisfaction comes high when you meet new friends and look forward to new experiences. You always tend to expand your horizons.

Dealing with an issue represents a challenge that you study from all perspectives. Choosing the optimal solution and paying attention to the smallest details is what describes you.

  1. Wide, flat nails

A person with a clear mind who analyzes everyone and everything.

You are known as the most reliable person who always listens, thinks before he/she speaks and people turn to you for advice quite often.

You understand people and they rely on your instincts.

Creating something new and discovering a smart solution to very complex problems is what best describes you!

  1. Short, round nails

Tell your nails if they are wrong, but they say you are an energetic and a very creative person.

There is a possibility you have some hidden talents.

People enjoy to be in your presence because you are full with positive energy and attitude.

Protecting the people you love and being loyal to your friends is just one piece of the puzzle.

Some people say you are stubborn, but you know what you want.

In fact, if you imagine something you won’t be able to step down until you get what you want.

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  1. Uneven and short nails

Sensitive and insightful person. That’s what is written here.

Looking calm and moody from the outside, but a storm of emotions running from the inside is what describes you.

Your friends feel comfortable telling you the truth, even if it hurts.

  1. Large, rectangular nails

Born leader and valuable person.

You approach to everything with a huge responsibility and people know they can count on you.

You are persistent, hard working and you love great company.

  1. Triangular nails

Among people, you are recognized as a determined and brave person who knows what he/she wants.

Every single task that is given to you is accepted passionately.

The hard work you put into your tasks always pays off.

  1. Oval and long nails

Your imagination is huge and that’s why you are very creative.

People very often defer to you when they experience some sort of a raging emotion.

You always have the right answer.

The work makes you happy and your motto is when you work – you work, when you rest – you rest!

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Img Source doridavisorg
  1. Sword shaped nails

Your personality is very ambitious. People don’t expect from you to hesitate on the path towards achieving your goals.

You have troubles dealing with people who are too relaxed and don’t know how to keep up with you.

Important notice: Every person is original and unique on its own way. This is only a simple attempt at classification.

I’m number 3. What’s your nail shape?

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