Mothers Want the Best Coding Classes for Their Kids

What mother doesn’t want their children to have fun learning skills that future jobs will require? The best online coding courses can deliver all this, but not all of them do.

It’s crucial to understand what separates the best online coding courses for kids from the rest, so let’s look at what makes the best programs stand out.

Video Games 

Learning to make video games is a fun reward for children. It’s also a multi-billion-dollar industry that keeps growing every year. 

You won’t have to twist your child’s arm to work hard on their coding skills when creating a video game is at the centre of learning. Kids are drawn to playing games, and they’ll love coding them too. The raw skills they’ll absorb will help them down the road if they use their programming skills to build websites, apps, or any number of other jobs in the tech sector.

Your child will also be prepared to enter the lucrative video game industry, a dream for many children.

Coding Languages Professionals Use

Many programs that teach coding to kids begin with drag-and-drop software like Scratch, which isn’t really a coding language but a program that gives children a sense of what coding is like. It’s better to learn the actual coding languages that professionals use to build the apps, video games, and websites that millions of people use daily.

Children as young as seven can learn Python and afterwards advance to languages like Java, JavaScript, C#, and C++. 

Teachers Need Space to Teach; Students Need Space to Learn

Busy classrooms filled with students can make a difficult learning environment for both teachers and pupils. Every student needs to have support and attention from their teacher, especially when they’re young, and the topic is as new and involved as coding video games.

Teachers are more likely to thrive in small settings with a manageable number of students. Ideally, the online coding course you pick should have a teacher-student ratio of four to one. There should also be no minimum requirement, so the session will run even if your child is the lone student.

Young, Relatable Teachers 

Kids shouldn’t be learning how to code from people who don’t understand their experiences. Coding classes that revolve around teaching kids how to code video games should be taught by people who also played them growing up.

Teachers born in a generation with pinball but no computer games aren’t well-positioned to relate to modern students in this specific way. Plus, teachers with recent experience involving coding in school and navigating the job market can give practical advice that will impact students in the near future.

Mothers want what’s best for the children, which means having fun today while also preparing them for the future with the best classes possible. Look for an online coding course that checks off all the above boxes to steer clear of mediocre programming sessions and enroll in the best ones instead.

Credit: August de Richelieu via Pexels