Metal vs. plastic- which is good for pool lounge chair?

Which are the best materials to use in outdoor furniture between metal and plastic? You will not get a clear winner unless you take into consideration the different aspects of the different materials. Plastic tends to be lightweight, but metal is heavyweight. If your main concern was to have a highly durable pool lounge chair in place, then buying a metallic chair can meet your given needs.

The plastic materials tend to be lightweight hence easy to carry around. The care and maintenance required for the different metals differ significantly. There are specific benefits you enjoy upon buying a plastic pool lounge chair as well as the benefits you will enjoy after you decide to buy the metallic pool lounge chair. Let’s take into consideration the benefits associated with the different materials in making pool lounge chairs before we can make the final decision:

Metal vs. plastic- which is good for the pool lounge chair?

Plastic pool lounge chairs


The plastic pool lounge chairs will require less maintenance. They are straightforward to clean as they do not develop hard stains. Their surfaces are smooth; hence, you can easily wipe off any dirt. When comparing the maintenance required for the plastic chairs and the metallic one, you will realize the plastic chairs will require less maintenance. They are also cheaper when compared to their counterparts the metallic chairs.

Resistant to fading

The plastic chairs will retain their color irrespective of the condition where they have been exposed to. There is no production of mildew or rot. The chairs are highly resistant to weather damage as they will not expose you to any issue even if they have been exposed to weather conditions which in ordinary cases can lead to rust in metallic chairs.


Even if the plastic chairs are exposed to high temperatures outdoors, they will not be damaged. You would not have to worry about high temperatures, which can lead to burns if it were metal chairs. The plastic chairs can work well on conditions such as high humidity, rain, and wind. They work very well under different weather conditions.

Easy to clean

The chairs do not require a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning. They are straightforward to clean, which makes them ideal for places where there is a lot of dirt. The care required for the plastic pool lounge chairs is minimal, making them stand out.

Metal pool lounge chairs


The metal pool lounge chairs are heavyweight. There is no worry of having them blown by heavy wind. You will only have issues if you tend to move them in and out of their storage places. It is unlike a plastic pool lounge chair which can be moved by strong winds.

Needs protection from moisture

You will not leave the metallic chairs in direct contact with moisture. Metals such as wrought iron tend to rust if exposed to immediate moisture outdoors. You can be lucky if you have aluminum metal used to make your chair. You will require additional care to make the chairs last long. For instance, the application of powder coating is necessary to protect the chairs against moisture damage.

Easy to clean

You can sue a dump cloth to wipe off most dirt which develops on the metal pool lounge chairs. The chairs come in a unique design which can make you outdoors stand out. The chairs require maintenance. For example, they can develop rust if the surface is exposited to moisture. If you notice rust is developing, then you will have to apply a seal to protect it from spreading.


Metal is more expensive than plastic. You will tend to pay more for the metallic chairs as opposed to plastic chairs. If cost is your primary concern, then you need to invest in a plastic. The durability of metallic chairs surpasses those of plastic.

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