5 Cleaning Tricks That You Probably Don’t know

Whether you are at home or in the office, there is nothing as bothersome as operating from a dirty location. We all appreciate and long for settling in a clean place. However, cleaning is never easy. If it were possible, we would all look for easy ways to get this work done in the shortest time possible.

With that in mind, the question that lingers revolves around finding tricks that can help you to get the job done much faster. Let us have a look at five cleaning tips that you probably did know existed. These tips will leave you wondering why you never learned about them in time.

Do not let it accumulate

One of the mistakes that we make when it comes to cleaning is letting dirt accumulate. Well, the more the work, the tougher it gets. For this reason, always set aside a few minutes to clean a particular portion of your place. Doing it in bits saves on time and energy.

Since you are not looking at it as a boring chore, it gives you the energy to keep doing it on a daily basis. All you have to do is identify areas that are prone to dirt and schedule some time to work on them. In the end, it saves on time and becomes part of your life. Moreover, visit SimplyMaid now to know more about professional cleaning tips and tricks.

Do not let stains dry

When it comes to stains, clean them right away. In situations where you may not be in a position to do it right away, make efforts to ensure that you clean them within the next possible opportunity. One way to beat the procrastination bug that comes with cleaning it immediately is by embracing the slogan, a little bit of pain creates an opportunity for much gain. In a sense, it settles your mind knowing that you have done it right.

Get the right tools

What are the tools you use when cleaning your sink or bathtubs? Chances are high that you consider or prefer using the traditional duster and detergents. The blogger and housewife Elizabeth Plumb from The Homemakers Journal have suggested to consider the magic clean eraser. This eraser will cut your cleaning time almost into two.

Another product that you need to have is the microfiber cloth. These cloths have such an amazing technology that are effective in cleaning up sensitive areas. The beauty of these cloths is that they do not leave any moisture or lint behind.

Use the pillowcase in cleaning the fan blades

Most probably, you are in the habit of cleaning your fan blades using a feather duster, it is a high time you considered a pillowcase. Did you know that that feather dusters tend to scatter dust all over your floor while pillowcases do not? The beauty of using pillowcase is that it helps in holding the dust in and cuts down on other extra tasks such as having to clean the ground.

Work it from top to bottom

When washing walls, never start from the bottom. Start at them top. This helps in reducing water that runs down it also prevents serious dripping. In addition, it helps in easing the workload since you are keen to follow through and reduce the pressure of having to climb up every time.

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