Look at the Shape of Your Finger and Find Out Your Character

Everything was peaceful this morning until both of my kids started arguing.

I was really eager to find out why they were arguing, but I thought to let them deal with the things by themselves.

While they were in the kitchen, I was enjoying my morning smoothie reading the today’s news.

The sound of their voices was coming closer to the living room and I knew they were headed this way.

That was it. They were looking for someone who will sort things out. You know. The mothers are the best mediators.

It came out my daughter wanted to see what’s the shape of her brother’s finger in order to see what kind of personality he has.

I warned them that I would write about this. In fact, my daughter encouraged me to share this one with you.


Look at this picture and remember the shapes. Now, look at your finger and compare them. What shape is your finger?

The next step is to discover your character according to the shape of your finger.

Let’s see what happens.

  •      A Finger

If you have this finger shape you are probably very secretive. It’s tough for your friends to pull out info or reach deep down inside you.

You want to hide your feelings for yourself. You are fair and hate liars. A Finger holds the kindness personality.

You can be very emotional and lean toward kindness.

On the other side of the emotional things, your life is surrounded by laughter. You are known between your friends like the person with a huge heart. Becoming eccentric from time to time is in your blood.

  •      B Finger

Having a B Finger means loyal and falling in love too easily. Sometimes you struggle with the confidence in yourself.

You are not a fan of approaching strangers. However, when you have something on your mind, you tend to do it without fear or being hurt.

  •      C Finger

People with C Finger are known as the world’s angels. Your emotions are sometimes ahead of you.

You can easily attach to something with your emotions, but you can let the same thing go without any hesitation.

People call you softie because your mission is to make sure everyone is spending a good time.

What’s your finger shape? I hope this describes your personality.

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Source: Higher Perspectives

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