Live streaming a wedding in London

Wedding is a simple word that changes the meaning of life for two people. It’s a notion to celebrate togetherness and happiness with each other. The bride and the groom feel this commotion of sharing this day with many loved ones. We completely understand and know the importance of the people who matter the most to you.

Despite everything, there is this pandemic that comes as a hurdle in your ceremony. Since last year we haven’t been able to travel or visit any place for meeting people or gathering for such events. That is where we come into the picture. In this era, there will be the trend of live streaming a wedding in London. Including friends and family at your wedding is now easy. All we have to do is to stream it online and make excellent videograph to seize the day.

What Is Live-Stream and Why You Should Care

Live-stream is the facility to broadcast live video and audio via the internet for selected people to view. Live-streaming is a helpful solution to a lot of wedding day calamities. By using the latest technology, everyone can attend the wedding, even when they can’t make it physically. Anything from disease to lockdown to busy schedules or travel restrictions may prevent your loved one or friend from attending a wedding directly.

How to Use Live-Stream for Your Wedding Ceremony

If you are thinking about how to do live-streaming of your or anyone’s weddings, you are in the right place. We have a fabulous wedding live streaming custom that involves many cameras to record your wedding from many different angles, still outdoor to show the bride’s arrival.

In extension to all the cameras, I have wireless microphones for all (bride, celebrant, priest, groom, etc.) and all musicians.


In addition to that, most live-streaming arrangements and services. Not only live-stream but also record it. Hence, you can save your wedding day in High Definition (HD) forever. This is the ultimate solution if you were already plotting on recording; an online video editor will help you edit your video to fulfillment so you can save it, watch it again and again and share it with others.


We set up lots of little cameras in every possible corner. We use a multi-channel internet connection (4x 4G modems) to live to stream it all. And it ties in with standard wedding video productions. Consider it as a private wedding with live broadcast through the internet just for you and your remote guests from everywhere. The streaming will be safe and entirely confidential, and HD. 

With ideas like these, you are going to have a perfect wedding day. Live-streaming your wedding will make it even more special by connecting to as many people as you want in your wedding. The recordings are saved permanently. Also, you will be granted a download button to download it. Download the video anytime you feel to. This trend will last longer, and we will be able to enjoy seizing your wedding day.