Lipstick vs. Lip stain: which one is right for me?

One topic that is constantly rocking the center–stage in the cosmetic industry and pricked the brains of makeup enthusiasts is distinguishing between lipsticks and lip stains and making the choice of which one is right for them. If you are also at sea choosing between lipsticks and lip stains, you don’t have to lose sleep over it anymore because you just found the answers to your question. So make yourself comfortable and read along.

To help you answer the million-dollar question that is probably running through your mind: “which one is right for me,” it will be best to start by highlighting the difference between both contenders. Let’s head straight into it.

What is the difference between lipstick and lip stain?

One thing that is common between both of them is that they color the lips. However, lipsticks are solid while lip stains are either liquid or gel. Another major difference is in they are produced and the ingredient they contain. Speaking of what they are made of, lipsticks are made of wax and they contain oils, emollients, and antioxidants while their lip stain counterparts have no trace of wax in them.

If you have been to a cosmetic store or skincare outlet, the chances are that you must have locked eyes with a plethora of lipsticks and in different shades ranging from red, pink, green, and violet to mention but a few. Even though there are gazillions of lipsticks shades out in the market, the colors that are mostly worn by the fair sex are maroon, brown, red, and of course, pink.

Contrary to what most people think about selecting lipsticks, virtually every woman chooses lipstick shades based on their skin color. While there is a long list of lipstick colors or shades to pick from, there is equally a long list of fruit flavors that lipsticks come in — cherry, grapes, and strawberry, among several others.

What are lip stains?

With all we have discussed so far about lipsticks, you should already have an idea of what lip stains are. On a lighter note, they do exactly what their name implies — stain your lips. To put everything in perspective and help you make an informed decision about which one is right for you, recall that lipsticks are made from wax—colored wax and they give off a glossy sheen.

Because of the nature of wax, lipsticks tend not to last longer as you carry them around because they run off on surfaces easily. They also rub off on your teeth, your lover’s cheek, cups, and anything else you can imagine.

Other the other hand, lip stains aren’t made from wax and they rarely leave a mark or rub off on surfaces. Thankfully, lip stains are also ideal for virtually every event and you can rock them to your workplace (office), go on a date, have a great party night with your “gang”, or any other occasion that comes. It doesn’t matter your skin tone, you will always find a lip stain to complete your natural beauty.

Lipstick Vs. Lip stain: choosing the one that is right for you

When it comes to choosing between lipsticks and lip stains, the odds swing in both directions because both options have a lot of good things to offer. They complement your looks, make your lips pop, and make you stand out anytime to step out. And of course, lipsticks and lip stains always add a touch of class to your sense of style — think elegance.

Both options path ways when quality and how long each of them last become the yardstick of making your choice. If you are looking to carry your look all through the day or for a longer period, lip stain is the way to go. If you can get the best quality, you will find lip stains to be long–lasting and seemingly fade-proof all through your day even while you are eating and drinking.

That is pretty much all there is about lipsticks and lip stains if “durability” is your yardstick. If you are judging by what they are made of (ingredients), recall that lipsticks are made of wax, oils, and emollients to keep your lips soft and conditioned – not to mention the balmy texture they offer.

Still on ingredients. Lip stains are mostly in the form of liquid, gloss, or water-based gel. The next factor you can base your selection upon is how they are been applied. While lipsticks come in a small thin tube-shaped case; whose application involves twisting the bottom of the tube to bring out the stick before using it to touch your lips, lip stains are packaged in bottles, jars, and tubes with a brush applicator wand to get them on your lips or cheeks ( as cheek stain).

Lipsticks vs. Lip stain: what flavors and colors are they available in?

As we hinted earlier, lipsticks are available in a dizzying array of colors and shades and this is all thanks to the many years of existence and popularity in the marketplace as makeup products. Lips stains are also not far off themselves because they also offer variety. However, lip stains come in a narrower range of hues.

Before we touch on the flavors that lipsticks are available in, let’s quickly discuss their form and now it affects their look. Because of their (solid) form, lipsticks tend to wear off easily and you will have to freshen up the color all day.

For folks with chapped or dry lips, always remember that virtually all lip stains contain alcohol and other ingredients that tend to aggravate lip dryness. Even though people have devised a means of applying moisturizing balm on top of their lip stain to prevent the lips from cracking and peeling, lipsticks will almost always come recommended for people with dry lips. While you are at it, lipsticks are also excellent for hydrating your lips and giving them a creamy finish.

What flavors are lipsticks and lip stains available in?

In addition to being available in a wider variety of shades and colors, lipsticks also come in different flavors and types. Even though flavored lipsticks just recently got the spotlight in the makeup industry, they are already trending and different flavors have flooded the market. Popular lipstick flavors include chocolate, caramel, and bubble–gum flavor, among several others. Lip stain also has its flavor variants ranging from orange, chocolate, strawberry, menthol, and beer.


There are different types of lipsticks out there and they include moisturizing lipsticks, sheer lipsticks, and matte lipsticks, long-wearing and of course, transfer resistant lipsticks. With so much variety, you have a long list of options to choose from whenever you’re out shopping for the best lipsticks.

Rounding off of this topic, always be mindful of the quality of the lipsticks and lip stain you are buying because bad ingredients might cause you serious health challenges. So, regardless of whether you are lipsticks or lip stain person, always prioritize quality and be sure to research the source as well.