Lifelong Skills: 15 mindfulness activities for kids

Mindfulness activities are like a superpower of the superheroes. Mindfulness is regarded as a powerful and effective tool to equip kids with lifelong skills, adds to their childhood, inquisitive and insightful adults. This helps them to diminish anxiety and anxiety, increase happiness, self-esteem, build up their energetic and enthusiastic spirit, improved focus and concentration, endowed with practical strategies to resolve life’s issues. 

This post reveals 15 mindfulness activities kids’ love and engage in. Let’s get to it!

1. Mindful Coloring activities

Mindful activity

Image Source: Mindfulness Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are fun filled and important educational and exploration tools to provide them comfort, raise their hopes for socialization, think out of the box, and develop better grip, control and travel with the images displayed. They can take note of the way the pencil moves on the paper and the blending of the colours with the images, describe what they are doing and make adjustment where necessary.  

2. Positive Affirmations

 Affirmations are a mindfulness activity or strategies that help kids develop a positive and energetic sense of self. It can be ideas for an affirmation, fill-in-the-blank games, positive thoughts breathing, writing and pasting of positive affirmations on their mirror, cards and each day, read it aloud as well as use them in different situations or while meditating or reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Superhero Poses

Kids love superheroes hat appeals to them. Superheroes posing enable kids have enriching mindfulness experience, boosts their feelings of strength and power, forgo body-shaming, too. Posture can have a huge impact on kid’s mood and getting kids to make poses is fun and can describe how they feel as they make those poses, most especially imitating their superheroes. As such, they become more in tune with their own feelings and reactions and visualize being a superhero.

4. The Appreciation Game

This mindfulness activity ensures kids exhibit one of the magic word known as, “Thank you”. We tend to overlook small things around us and don’t always appreciate them. As a result, we stop appreciating anything at the long run. This encourages kids to take note of and savor the small things ad be grateful! This activity goes with observing the shape, taste, color, texture, smell, and other details of objects and things around them. Afterward, they describe the experience in detail and appreciate the privilege to know.

5. Mindful meditation

Meditation is one of the ultimate mindfulness activities that every kid should be encouraged to engage in always. Practicing meditation is a way to become more enlightened, calm, happy and fulfilled. Kids can sit in the lotus position or any other relaxing pose, close their eyes, and meditate ad reflect in silence. They can focus more during their silent time on their internal feelings and thoughts; have a verbal prayer or meditation and access their overall emotions. 

6. Listening

Listening is a mindfulness activity that kids engage in to sharpen their communication and social skills. There are harmonic sounds can help kids to be relaxed and more in touch with their inner self. They can sit down in a relaxed pose and close their eyes and listen to a ringing bell, cymbal, chime, medicine bowl, or similar instrument or play pre-recorded music, listen to their mates do the talking. All these and more sharpen kids listening skills.

7. Mindful Stroll or walk

Mindfulness does not mean staying still or quiet. It also involves taking a stroll or walk. Kids have a lot of energy which makes them unable to sit in stillness. 
A short mindful walk, stroll or movement activity is a great strategy to teach them to be aware of their environment, around your garden, in nature, in the park, or on your street; describe the things seen and get feedbacks from older adults who have more knowledge. 

8. The Senses Game

This mindfulness activity helps kids to develop sharp sense organs. Sense game allows kids to get in tune with the world around them using their sense organs, most especially the smell and hearing organs. Kids close their eyes and then focus on what they smell or hear around them first, take in these stimuli for few minutes. Afterwards, describe each smell or sound they noticed. This activity improves kids focus on the senses and things they may often neglect or not notice at all.

9. Breathing Exercise

Mindful Breathing exercises are good for kids! It is widely recognized and recommended for kids in order to help them cope better with stress, anxiety, failure and loneliness. Breathing activities has the potentiality to reset the body and mind. Take a deep breath and breathing out are great activities for kids. 

10. The Balancing Game

This activity test kids balance. In this game, kids balance on one foot and have conversation with someone else or while they answer questions. This requires kids to give energy to both activities without losing their focus or concentration as they develop their body-mind coordination, energy and focus. 

11. The Forgiving Game

This mindfulness activity get kids to focus on all wrong deed; all those who have hurt them, and they have hurt, cheated, betrayed, or wronged them to be able to move on by visualizing it in their mind. Forgiveness build a loving person and the idea is that in order to get forgiveness, kids should learn to forgive others.

12.  Mindfulness E-Apps

Mindfulness activities go beyond kids getting involved in physical activities. There are free mindfulness apps that help kids to practice short meditations, breathing exercises, soothing sounds, games, visualization exercises and so on. This is a mixture of fun and interaction using personal electronics for mindfulness activity journey.

13. Sensory play 

This involves mindfulness activities using the sense of sight, smell, sound, taste, touch and even internal emotions and physical movement. It helps kids have the ability to self-assess and then take meaningful action towards issues that arises in their environment, around them ad in dealing with people. Kids can make use of Visual and Auditory Sensory, Tactile Sensory, Taste and Smell Sensory, Emotional Regulation, Movement Sensory. 

14. Mindful tape art collage

Kids love interesting and creative Crafts of all. It is great kinds of mindfulness exercises. A process art project is particularly ideal for kids prone to becoming overwhelmed by complicated undertakings, excess stimulation and a mess-free favorite collage collection. Kids can set out a poster board or oversized piece of paper; use masking tape to create random intersecting lines, and colour all the section. Kids get fulfilled and motivated when they have a perfect collage that people commend.

15.  Mindful puzzle solving

Solving puzzle is a mindfulness activity that develops kids’ critical thinking skill. Putting together puzzles is a brain-booster and boast stress-relief benefits. The combination of quiet concentration and fine motor exercise required basically gives no choice but to stay in the present moment; while developing solutions to the puzzles. 


This mindfulness activity for kids helps them to be mindful aware, creative, relaxed, able to deal with stressful situations and attain success I their endeavors. Mindfulness activities; a way for kids to express being, an outlook, and develop skills that aid their success in life. Learning it early in life allows kids to evolve and have a strong foundation for lifelong habits.