Less Stress, Less Mess: 3 Easy-Clean Home Improvements

An organized life starts from a clean home, if you want to have a productive day at work make sure you organize and tidy up things first at home.  A messy house, cluttered room, and dusty floor add up to the turmoil you face every day. The only place you wish to have a relaxed time is your home; therefore keep it clean , mess-free and dust-free. This will promote personal well-being, healthy relationships, productive work schedules, and enjoyable life.  Cleaning up space can start from anywhere however it is best to start cleaning up the floors first as it helps you to walk freely, and see clean space. Whatever is the type of floor like the tiles, marble, vinyl, laminate, or engineered wood flooring can get easily stained. The most resilient floors also accumulate dust and attract germs. 

There are many studies that show negative psychological effects associated with messy and cluttered homes. Messy homes with piles of papers scattered all over the place, tight and jam-packed cupboards that refuse to close; don’t look like they bother you, but studies prove that it shows factors contributing to depression and anxiety and ill-mannered children due to the chaotic mess at home.  

Discover 3 Easy-Clean Home Improvements

A clean home primarily enhances the quality of life; organized home with everything in the right place set up in an orderly fashion eliminates much frustrating and  time consuming painful works like searching for things, papers, important files, chargers, keys, stationery items, etc.  

1. Declutter and organize:

“Under the influence of clutter, we may underestimate how much time we’re giving to the less important stuff.” —Zoë Kim

The first task to have a clean space is to tidy up and straighten things fast. Many people think that this is a very time-consuming task on the other hand decluttering reduces the time consumed and in fact, eliminates time wasted to look for things. How do you go about it? Start with keeping two big boxes one to throw stuff and one to keep things. The essential part here is to think like a minimalist.  Start from a less messy room or go according to the order of the room’s used or less used. 

Remember “Your home is living space, not storage space.” ― Francine Jay. 

Don’t store things that you don’t use, many of us store things based on memories, sentiments, love, anger, etc. These things won’t get you anywhere instead they eat away space that can be utilized more effectively. For example, big shelf of books or photo albums etc. doesn’t make any point in being physically present as there are many technological ways to store like hard drives that get rid of the physical mess. Dump everything you don’t use for a longer period. Remember, this is the job that has to be done regularly. If you are not ready to do it on your own and if you need professional help, check out Urban Clarity.

2. Upgrade for space utilization and storage: 

There are many storage ideas like wall mount shelves that don’t need drilling nails, these simple wall shelves can reduce the mess. Instead of using space on the floors which makes the room clumsy and small utilizing the walls with trendy designer shelves accentuates the appearance as well.  Keep the aesthetic appeal of the home while being functional by using interesting storage units like Ottoman, sofa, and bed storage units –these furniture storage units are a miracle in space-saving and organizing stuff. Use them as per your preference, use space under the stairs as a storage unit for seasonal usage but important stuff. 

3. Interiors: 

Not everyone loves to spruce up the home for many reasons like time constraints, tiredness or just wish to dodge the work. To elevate the cleanliness at home ensure your interiors allow you space and time and help you to keep things organized, clean up quickly, etc. Look for wooden and tiles for floors as they can be easily cleaned, add casters to the dining table that allows free movement while sweeping and cleaning,  use easy clean upholstery  also invest in good stain repelling fabric for example; velvet textured fabric doesn’t let the liquid stay it rolls them off,  Vinyl wall coverings are easy to clean yet stylish. 

A clean home adds joy and enthusiasm,  keeping functionality in mind will reduce clutter and keep things organized and ready for use. Everything said, it mainly helps to make the cleaning routine a second nature which sorts out the mess before it piles up.

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