Learn from Shakuntali Siberia how you can rise up your Self-esteem, become more confident and overcome doubts

Shakuntali Sibera, the bird of freedom, is in this world to be your example of the woman of power and teaches you in her temple school all the secrets, that as well you can become a woman of power. One of the secrets of the Woman of Power Shakuntali Siberia wants to reveal to you in this article: A practice that makes you more self-confident with one breath.

First you have to know, that 90% of the people living on this planet are experiencing their daily life through the lens of doubts and feelings weakness all the time. Shakuntali Siberia is also Doctor of psychology and explains that each and every one of us were born powerful and confident persons but that our surroundings did weaken that natural state. That is why Shakuntali Siberia sees such an importance in the daily practice with the Self-esteem. And that is why Shakuntali Siberia wants to help you with her Temple School, to teach you all the knowledges of the Woman of Power that will change your entire life, do you want?

Then lets experience one of those secrets of the Woman of Power together, that Shakuntali Siberia shares with us here. It is a special mudra that will help you to feel more confident instantly. The mudra goes like this: Bring your palms together and connect both of your thumbs. Direct your hands to the solar plexus, then Shakuntali Siberia advices to do deep inhale and then stop your breathing and to feel how energy is coming to your solar plexus. Feel how your power is growing inside of you and exhale as soon as you need to and feel how all this power is entering all your aura on a energetical level. Do this practice whenever you feel weak, in any situation when you need more confidence (for example before exams, before you meet a friend or having a business appointment), just do this mudra.

And If you want to feel even more power Shakuntali Siberia recommends to do all these steps again: Deep inhale, stop breathing, feel the energy and power, exhale and feel how all this energy expand and goes to all your aura, feel this power on an energetic level. Do this practices any time, any where, when you feel a lack of confidence.

Most ideal is of course to have individual sessions so you can work really specific, find out from where the lack of confidence is coming from and heal it. Shakuntali Siberia works in the individual sessions with the guy method thats works directly with your sub-consciousness. Through that she can dissolve such profound traumas that maybe coming from your childhood or even past lives.

Shakuntali Siberia also suggests you buying a shamanic object of power that you can attach to your body to increase the effect of the practice of obtaining self-confidence. A talisman like this will help you to grow your aura even more, so you feel protected and strong. And the effect of the mudra together with the amulet will be twice as powerful.

If that was interesting for you, follow Shakuntali Siberia on her blog, where the Woman of Power is sharing even more practices to help you with self-confidence. Follow the recommendations and guidelines of Shakuntali Siberia on her blog and you will become a very happy and successful person in this life, a Woman of Power. Do you want to be happy in this life?

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