Le-Vel Thrive Review: The 2 Week Experience

Here’s a story about me.

I once signed up for a free yoga class because I wasn’t sure if yoga was my thing and I didn’t want to commit to it all the way before knowing if I enjoyed it or no

Okay, so that story really wasn’t anything special. Still, I’m sure a lot of readers can relate to it. The main point I’m trying to make is that it’s more comfortable to try something out and test the waters before jumping in and getting deep into a long-term commitment — especially if there’s a chance you’re not going to enjoy the experience.

To wrap my riveting yoga story up, I never went back. Did I hate yoga? Was stretching and bending too difficult, or too painful? Not really. Honestly, I thought it was fine, but did I want to spend my precious time and money on it for an extended period of time? No. I’m glad I gave it a try and realized that it wasn’t for me, because if I were to full-on commit to it from the get-go, I think I would have ended up disappointed.

My Healthy Lifestyle

The reason I was trying yoga out to begin with was because I wanted to better my lifestyle. I’m not in terrible shape, but ever since I’ve been married I’ve wanted to be that grandpa that can still throw the football back and forth with his grandkids. And in order for that to happen, I needed to make some changes.

I started this journey off looking for different companies that could help me achieve this goal and potentially jumpstart this healthy lifestyle journey. I stumbled upon one company in particular, and that company was Le-Vel.

What is Le-Vel?

Le-Vel hit the health-and-wellness scene in 2012, and its business model is all about outsourcing its sales to independent freelance agents. Le-Vel was no slouch when they were first getting started; they made their first billion dollars by 2017, followed by another billion dollars a couple of years after that. Those are some incredible results for a startup in a competitive industry.

Le-Vel has achieved a great level of success early on, in large part due to their focus on their products and their customers. The primary product and the one that gets the most buzz is the Le-Vel Thrive Experience. Le-Vel realizes that weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is really difficult for a lot of people, and they’ve designed a solution that tries to make it easy.

The Le-Vel Thrive experience is basically three nutrition supplements headlined by its most well-known product, the DTF patch. Along with the DTF patch, the other two products are in the form of daily capsules and shakes.

Far from being snake oil or placebo-driven sugar pills, these products are essentially unique delivery methods for a range of vitamins and related nutrients. The idea is that most people aren’t getting the essential nutrition their bodies need, and Le-Vel makes it easier to do so. Add to that a few energy boosting ingredients (such as green tea extract) and a natural weight loss supplement called ForsLean, and you have a potentially very effective product.

Of course, I didn’t develop my good opinion of Le-Vel just by reading a single online article, and neither should you. I did the background research, checked out Le-Vel Thrive reviews online, and even reached out to a few of their promoters to see if I could get more of an insider-scoop. And honestly, I was very surprised at how honest and above-board it all was. At the end of the day, it really did seem like Le-Vel was legitimately trying to provide a valuable product. That’s kind of refreshing.

OK, so once I took the time to analyze Le-Vel’s website, products, and Le-Vel Thrive Reviews on social media, the next step was to figure out which Thrive Experience was the right Thrive Experience for me.

Which Experience Fit Me Best?

Tying my underwhelming yoga story in from earlier, I was looking for something that I could try out but not necessarily commit to for a long period of time. And here’s what Le-Vel offers:

  1. The main Thrive Experience that Le-Vel provides is the 8-week experience that is said to garner the most results for the participant. This is great in theory but it was tough for me to commit to due to an extended period of time. So I decided I would get back to the 8-week experience another day if things went well.
  2. The second Thrive Experience I was considering was the 4-week experience. Le-Vel offers this experience for individuals or couples. This was enticing to me but I just couldn’t commit to the 4-weeks, either. For me, a month is a long time to endure something that may not be my thing.
  3. I eventually decided to go with the third option — the 2-week experience. This wasn’t a no-brainer by any means because I wasn’t sure if I could see any results in such a short amount of time. But it fit how I make decisions the best. I can potentially live a healthier lifestyle, increase cognitive performance, and boost my immune system in as little as two weeks? Yeah, sign me up for that.

Once I decided on which experience length was best for me, the next thing I needed to do was start the experience and track my results.

Rough Start

I had a difficult time remembering that I was actually doing this experience for the first two days. I was consistently late on taking my supplements and even forgot to put my patch on the second day. I wasn’t seeing results immediately but I think that was probably on me, because as soon as I got my act together and started getting into the habit of taking Thrive supplements, I began to notice changes.

At first, I noticed how energetic I felt in the mornings and how that energy stayed with me throughout the day. The times I would usually get groggy seemed to disappear; no more post-lunch power naps or 3 o’clock energy drinks needed.

On top of that, I noticed an improvement in my mental sharpness and stamina at work. Projects that used to necessitate a few breaks along the way could now be completed in a single sitting. This was surprising to me because I was expecting my body to just feel healthier (at best), but the cognitive results that came with the Thrive Experience were perhaps even more impressive.

Last Words

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to try something out before you commit. In my case, Le-Vel’s 2-week experience was the least daunting way I could get an idea of its effectiveness without any chance of getting stuck in something that wasn’t for me. And, once I found out that it was for me, I had no problem extending my commitment and going for the 8-week experience. So, if you’re like me and hesitant to commit, two weeks may be the perfect place to start.

Good luck!

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