Know All The Advantages Of Bioclimatic pergolas

Can you imagine being able to continue sharing meals or having drinks with friends on your terrace while it snows outside? It would be something like feeling that summer has never ended in your home. Sounds interesting, don’t you think? This is possible thanks to bioclimatic pergolas. Today we will tell you what it is and what its benefits are.

What are bioclimatic pergolas?

When the end of summer arrives, we usually also have to say goodbye to the terrace or garden where we have spent much of the summer months. However, everything that a traditional fabric pergola cannot cope with during the winter months is possible through what is known as bioclimatic pergolas. For further to know more about bioclimatic pergolas click here.

But before getting into the matter, it is best to know what these new allies consist of. As its name indicates, it is a pergola at the concept level, although its characteristics are totally different. You may wonder how they differ from traditional pergolas.

Well, it is an aluminum structure whose design combines perfectly with the many functionalities offered by a unique enclosure, as versatile as the temperature changes that you can create yourself in that enclosed garden during the cool months.

Thanks to the glass curtains that complete the structure, bioclimatic pergolas are the best investment when it comes to creating different microclimates through an adjustable function, which allows you to enjoy the desired temperature 365 days a year without leaving home.

Benefits of bioclimatic pergolas

Next, we will tell you all the benefits of bioclimatic pergolas, and you will see why they are so useful.

Bioclimatic pergolas go beyond a simple enclosure. It is an enclosure that will allow us to completely reinvent a space and adapt it to our needs. For example, these are the main benefits of having the Kauma Nimbo bioclimatic pergola:

  • Functionality and design: The aluminum structure evokes a clean and elegant design in tune with any decorative style since all the electrical and motorization systems are hidden in it. For this reason, these pergolas are as aesthetic as they are functional.
  • Your own climate: The slats that make up the Nimbo model allow climate control based on their angle. With the possibility of opening up to 135º, you can take advantage of sunlight throughout the day, and also control ventilation based on the wind.
  • Remote control: Thanks to the technology implemented in the bioclimatic pergola, it is possible to control it through your smartphone. Can you imagine being able to enjoy the best weather at home before you get home from work?
  • Resistance: Kauma’s bioclimatic pergolas have been manufactured with the best national materials, including t5 tempered aluminum profiles and 6063 alloys with stainless steel screws. A unique, safe, and lifelong ally.

If you are looking for an eternal summer at home, opting for bioclimatic pergolas becomes the best option. Surely you will ask yourself: but will I have to do work? The answer is no, you should not get involved in work, and this is because the enclosure adapts to the existing structure.