Kid-Proof Décor Ideas For The Modern Home

Everyone wants to have a functional and beautifully-decorated home, but some parents put off decorating until their children are older, believing that young kids and nice things can’t coexist. Moreover, since almost 50 percent of homeowners are willing to spend only $5,000 or less on redecoration and remodeling, coming up with a kid-friendly yet aesthetically pleasing home design plan that fits the budget is also a cause of great concern. But you don’t have to spend a lot of time, money, or effort to have a kid-friendly abode that suits your personal tastes. Here are a few kid-proof décor ideas for the modern home. 

Have an open floor plan

According to Mangum Home Builders, having an open floor plan is one way to make your home look modern yet timeless, as it improves the look and functionality of your house. This design also makes redecorating easier and more cost-effective later on. Having an open floor design also enables you to keep an eye on your kids and bond even if you’re all doing different things at the same time. To make your space look more cohesive, consider using a neutral color palette for all parts of your home, and add metallic accessories for a clean yet modern look

Stick to painted walls for now

Young children are infinitely curious, and they learn by touching the things that are around them. That being said, that beautiful silk wallpaper that you just put up could be scratched or peeled off by your little ones, so you may have to put off putting up wallpaper while they’re still young. Stick to painted walls for now, and add texture and interest to your walls by using drywall joint compound to create a stucco effect. You can also hang artworks or create a gallery wall, or wallpaper your ceiling for a quirky touch. 

Create a bedroom that will grow with your child

Investing in a Disney-themed bedroom may seem like a good idea right now, but a child’s interests and hobbies change every few months or years, so it’s important to give your little one a room that will grow with them. Buy classic and sturdy furniture for their rooms, and change it up with curtains, rugs, pillows, and posters or artwork every few years or so. Consider keeping their rooms neutral so they can change the color scheme or theme easily with accessories once they’re older.

Having children doesn’t mean giving up your dreams of having a beautiful home. With a little planning and making some clever design choices, you can create a modern and aesthetically pleasing home that’s fit for the whole family.

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