Keeping Tree Roots from Wreaking Sewer Pipes

Trees provide cool air and shade in your backyard, but their invasive roots can potentially wreak havoc on your sewer lines. Contrary to what many people believed, it is impossible for tree roots to cause cracks in sewer pipes; rather they enter and invade the pipes through small cracks. Over time, the pipes become corroded and cracked, leaking water and attracting tree roots into the crack. This is how tree roots exploit sewer lines and cause further damage.

While its growth is slow, tree roots can forcibly work their way into small cracks on plastic, concrete, ductile iron, and other sewer pipe materials. In some cases, roots can aggressively exert strong pressure, crushing sewer lines completely. This allows roots to thrive well on sewer water and grow into a dense clump. This slows down or blocks the outflow of wastewater from your home, causing back up in toilet and showers.

Here are several clues that tree roots have invaded your sewer pipes:

  • Slow drains
  • Gurgling noises when flushing the toilet
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Noticeable sinkholes

Here are some tips from rooter in Winnipeg professionals on how to protect your sewer lines from tree root invasion:

  • Make a barrier between the tree and the sewer pipe

Creating a barrier between the tree and the sewer line is the simplest way to keep pesky roots from invading the sewer pipes. Copper sulphate, potassium hydroxide, and other types of slow-release chemicals are commonly used by homeowners to discourage root growth into the sewer line. Spreading these chemical inhibitors prevent roots from growing near the vicinity of the pipe. Burying wood or metal barriers about 6 to 12 inches deeper than the pipes and running them vertically along the sewer line is another effective way to stop roots from growing into the pipes.

  • Plant sewer-friendly trees and shrubs – If you do not want to deal with tree roots growing into your sewer pipes, choose to plant sewer-friendly trees and shrubs.
  • Be aware of the warning signs – As a homeowner, you may experience drain clogs occasionally. Depending on the cause, some clogs can be easily resolved using home plumbing hacks. However, frequent and hard to resolve clogs could indicate a serious problem, which requires the expertise of New Tecumseth plumbers.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance – Investing in regular plumbing inspection and maintenance is the most effective way to detect and prevent tree roots from invading your sewer pipes and avoid future costly sewer repairs. Inspection and maintenance do not only include cleaning of the pipes but the plumber can also give you the actual structure and condition of the sewer line. It also allows the plumber to detect and repair minor problems.
  • Tree stump removal – Some types of trees have massive root systems that can spread far out from its base. To prevent costly sewer pipe damage, call a reliable tree removal in Aurora to remove the tree mechanically. Cutting down the tree does not resolve the problem; tree stump removal does. Using mechanical equipment and tools to remove the stump and destroy the root completely to prevent continued growth.

If you love planting trees in your backyard, make sure to plan your landscape carefully by consulting a plumber or an arborist to ensure the safe condition of your sewer pipes.

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