Best ways to decorate your backyard pond

A unique garden pond created in the backyard is a dream of many garden lovers. There are endless ideas on how to plan a garden and at least as many ones on how to decorate small water bodies. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to decorate your backyard pond.

Sea of possibilities: from Zen to wild

Creating and maintaining a garden pond is big fun. Whether you choose a small or a large pond, decorations can make a huge impact on it. Decide on a style and stick to it. You can also seek help from if you want to make your pond safe and eco-friendly

You can make a Japanese pond, for instance. In this case, you may place a mini pagoda there on a tiny island in the middle, with some bonsai trees around and a miniature bridge leading to it. Add one or two skillfully built stone towers. A few stones from the largest to the smallest in perfect balance are not easy to place on another, but if you want the pond to look real Zen, you will have it. Concentrate and do not give up. If you manage to place 10 stones in a stable stack, that proves that you have a perfect inner balance and looks accordingly very elegant in an oriental way. 

Of course, you may wish to create a simple, elegant pond. Then a few plants and flowers plus casually placed stones will serve the purpose. Another option is a romantic landscape. Pick a mermaid fountain then decorate the scene with, big imposing flowers along the banks. Ideas are limitless. You can also leave the pond wild and enjoy the natural processes that occur in it. 

Gravel and more stones

The lining of your pond, the edges, and the bottom can be assembled with a help of of gravel, stones or rocks. The gravel is perfect for the bottom. With particle sizes that vary from 10 to 40 mm. A generous layer of stones creates a favorable place for the proliferation of aquatic insects. These insects are very useful to balance the ecosystem of the pond since they feed on microorganisms and degrade part of the organic matter. Gravel also serves as a support for the roots of aquatic plants. For even better effect, you can place medium-sized stones of different colors at the edges or at the bottom of the pond. Beautiful stones accompany the environment perfectly and can also mask a filtration system or be good hiding places for fish.

Pond plants

Together with the stones, the plants will give a natural touch to your garden pond. They can have any size, shape, and color. If you chose the plants correctly the ecosystem of your pond will be perfectly balanced and the water composition will be maintained naturally, as plants provide oxygen and reduce CO2 levels. However, it’s also good to have a professional water aeration system like those provided by LivingWaterAeration.

Plants on the banks

The plants on the banks will allow you to make a transition between your land and your pond. The choice is very wide. They will also stabilize the banks with their roots, which will limit the landslide and strengthen the basin in the ground. The most common are forget-me-nots, hostas, and lilies.


our pond will look more natural and interesting if you‘ll put a few fish there. The species that are most often placed in the ponds are the koi fish (Chinese carp). These are colorful fish (yellow, orange, red, white, etc.) that have a lively appearance, and add some color and movement to the pond. They are a great company on sunny days and will eagerly come to interact with humans.

Fountains of joy

Install a fountain somewhere in your pond and enjoy the splashing sounds of water, which are incredibly relaxing. Moving water visually enhances your garden pond and it boosts the oxygen supply which helps to keep it clean. Thus, consider installing a little sprinkler or a fountain. These will fit even the smallest mini-pond. But beware: Some plants, like water lilies, do not like continuous irrigation.

Pond lighting

Pond lighting is a wonderful way to decorate the pond in a unique way. The decoration in the pond will benefit your entire garden so that you can continue to enjoy the beauty of nature on a dark evening. Light may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you plan garden pond design – but a few bright accents can make a big difference. They give the water visual depth and also ensure safety because you don’t overlook a luminous pond in the dark.

Ideally, you should plan the lighting elements right from the conception of the garden pond. But even later, you can still let your pond jewel shine – for example, with wireless floating lights or illuminated water features.


As you can see, there are numerous ways of decorating a garden pond. Your imagination is limitless, so you can create a beautiful aquatic garden that will suit all your needs. Just remember to do it properly and care about the natural ecosystem.

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