Keeping Kids Busy and Growing During Lockdown

The lockdown is a breath of relief from morning rush, school runs, and all of that tedious “stuff” for parents.  It is also a rare opportunity to spend lots of quality time with the kids. But on the downside, it means your kids will be more naughty and fussy than usual. Besides, monotony isn’t exactly fun ─ things tend to get dull fast.

 Between cranky kids and a demanding work from home schedule, any parent will easily run out of their mind! But the good thing is, you can reverse this “lockdown blues” by keeping your kids busy, entertained, and productive. These tips will help you and your kids make the most out of a lockdown! 

10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Entertained and Productive During a Lockdown

  1. Planning Makes Everything Easy

First thing first, you need to have a solid keep-the-kids-busy plan in place. A plan will help balance your routine and that of the kids, so one does not interfere with the other. Your kids should be a big part of the plan too. To stimulate anticipation and enthusiasm, get them involved. And you know what they say; “teamwork makes the dream work.”

A daily activity calendar is a good case in point. Get creative with the calendar to make it more interesting. Paint, draw, decorate and be crafty as much as you and the kids want. Then stick it to a wall or hang it in an open area where everyone can see it. Don’t forget to add checklists or boxes to mark completed activities. You can also attach rewards to certain activities because rewards have a way of motivating even the most unruly kids.

  1. Incorporate Climbing activities

Getting your kids busy shouldn’t be all fun and no growth. You should also factor in their health and cognitive development. An excellent way to strengthen your kids’ brain, dexterity, motor skills, and overall development is to engage them in climbing activities. However, there aren’t that many safe and standard climbing options in (most) residential settings. But not to worry, you can order a climbing toy like the Tottlr Pikler Triangle for your little ones.

The Pikler climber is a perfect climbing toy for toddlers and babies that meets all the safety and functionality standards. You can rest assured that your toddler won’t encounter any mishaps when using the climbing toy, plus they get to reap excellent cognitive and developmental benefits.

  1. Take Time Out to Bake and Cook

Nothing compares to a fun time in the kitchen. Children are naturally excited to do “adult things” like cooking and baking. For a change, hand them the apron and let them try impressive and easy-to-make recipes (with your strict supervision, of course). You can get your toddlers involved in the cooking process too, bet they can manage some measuring and cleaning ─ they’d be happy to make their cereal too. 

If you have a picky eater, they’d be more willing to eat what they helped prepare from scratch. This activity will most likely leave your kitchen a mess, but the satisfaction overrides everything else, including a messy kitchen. And oh, cooking and baking can aid motor skills development!

  1. Introduce Yoga Classes

Yoga isn’t just designed for adults; your young kids can also partake in this wholesome activity. Teaching and practicing Yoga with your kids is an invitation to good health, vibes, and energy. It will leave them refreshed, energetic, and full of life. You can also use the opportunity to de-stress. Also, engaging your kids in health-improving activities from a tender age will teach them to prioritize their health as they grow.

  1. Take Language Classes

In a world where being multi-lingual comes with many perks, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn a new language with your kids. Pick a language that appeals to you and your kids and get learning. And isn’t it so wonderful that you can take language tutorials with the click of a button ─ it is times like this that we appreciate the internet and all the “goodies” it has to offer.

  1. Grow a Little Garden

Gardening is one refreshing and productive activity that will keep your kids busy and delighted. There is something about growing something from scratch that is beautiful and awe-inspiring. Let your kids get a taste of this beautiful experience. Also, they’d pick up good food values and will learn to treat food with more respect. Besides, it’s a win-win for you; you will no longer have to buy certain foods you already have at home.

  1. Get Creative

Creativity tends to wane with inactivity. To avoid this, assign a slot for arts and crafts in the activity calendar. This kills two birds with one stone ─ your kids will have loads of fun creating new projects while sharpening their creativity. Many “artsy” and DIY projects are appropriate for children of all ages. You can check online sources like Pinterest for inspiration.

  1. Play interactive Boardgames and Puzzles

Boardgames and Puzzles are good for cognitive development. Although your kids might still be taking their regular classes online, some educational games can positively impact their learning process. Some of these games include Monopoly and Memory. You can also pick up kids-appropriate puzzle books from stores. Alternatively, they can play these games online with a tablet or computer.

  1. Organize a Treasure Hunt

 Children love challenges, and a treasure hunt makes the perfect challenge. You can organize treasure hunts both within and outside the house. Hide some items in strategic locations of the house and give each child a list of what to find. Items could be letter cubes, leaves, flowers, or even their toys.

  1.  Throw  a Tea Party

With the lockdown, birthday party invitations have become scarce. You may not know it, but your kids may be missing a festive atmosphere. To fill this gap, you and your kids can plan a tea party or another themed party with all the works. Three to four people, including you, can make a good party. The planning process in itself is lots of fun.

There is no shortage of fun-filled, wholesome, and educational activities for kids during a lockdown. You only have to know, plan and implement. With the right activities, your kids will be happy, entertained, and healthy!