Is It Possible Your Birth Month to “Hide” Your Personality?

Here is an interesting topic for you and your friends to discuss on your next meet up.

It says here that all of your characteristics are hidden in your birth month. You already know my opinion about this, but this came out pretty accurate for me.

I was introduced to this spiritual stuff by my new neighbor that moved into our neighborhood not that long ago.

Do you remember her?

I find it amusing reading new things while I prepare my breakfast.

Are you ready for this?


Women born in this month are highly ambitious. They are critical but don’t want to talk about their feelings. It makes them closed for the people who are trying to approach to them. They allow only individuals with the same intellectual level and share the same views about life.


The romantic ones. You need to treat them with patience if you want them to give you their soul. Not everyone could understand them. They change their mood often and have if you betray them, you will never see them again.


Women born in this month shine with high charm and charisma. They are the most loyal ones, and if you want them something to get done, they will do it with full dedication.

These women are hard to fall in love. They are all good and cute until you do something that will upset them.


The interactive ones. Women born in this month can find their partner quickly. Most of the women born this month are jealous and if they burst, it’s better for you to move away. They are willing to open their soul and heart to make you the happiest person alive if you earn their trust and try not to lose it.


May is the month of the most loyal and persistent women to all of their principles. They are attractive, but with complicated character. Men can quickly fall in love with them, which makes these women dangerous.


The curious ones are born this month. Women born this month are creative and communicative, as well. They are straightforward and prefers to tell them the truth in their face. Keep an eye on them because they are dangerous players in love and men often become a toy in their hands.


They are beautiful, intelligent, mysterious, and very honest. They avoid conflicts with being polite to everyone. You can lose them forever if you betray their trust and cheat on them.


The confident women hidden in a great heart. Whatever you do, try not to mess with these ladies as their attitude is: all I do is win! Women born this month have a great sense of humor but refuse to be mocked. Men often lose their heads in their presence, as they are always the center of attention.


Women born this month are beautiful, kind, and well disciplined. They won’t forgive to anyone that will betray them. September women love long relationships, and they are very critical as seeking high expectations of their partners.


The women with a strong character. They can get very emotional, but refuse to cry in front of other people. They are smart, but won’t open their feelings to everyone.


I don’t know how, but these ladies are always a step ahead of the others. They can easily spot a lie, which means you are not allowed to play with them. If you are not ready to hear the truth, don’t ask them for an opinion.


Ladies born in the last month of the year can be very impatient. They always come out as winners from a particular situation and are considered as lucky. These women have an open heart and know how to increase the mood levels.

Does anything ring a bell?

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