Inspirational Ways to Use WD-40 Around your Home

I didn’t even know what WD-40 if it wasn’t for my husband to explain it to me.

It seems like you can use this spray for numerous things and it’s a miracle weapon for mechanics or for people who fix things around their home.

WD-40 is the perfect tool if you need to fix the hinges from squeaking or gadgets that are a little bit rusty and don’t work as they should.

Ever since I found out what it is, I did a little research and found kind of interesting things surrounding this weapon.

I found 12 inspirational ways to use the spray all around your home.

Let’s go:

  1. Stop Hinges from Releasing Squeaky Sound

  2. Remove Picasso’s (your kids’) Crayon Creations out of your Walls

  3. Quickly Remove Sticker Residue

  4. Spray WD-40 on Your Bathroom’s Glass Walls to keep them free of Water Spots

  5. Remove Stuck Rings Easily

  6. WD-40 Cleans the Toughest Coffee Stains of the Countertop

  7. Make the Scissors Work as Good as New with a Magical Drop

  8. Prevent Snow Buildup on your Windows During Winter

  9. Clean Chew Gum from Your Shoes

  10. Make Your Shoes Waterproof

  11. Dissolve Gunk or Grime from Your Toilet

  12. Remove Scuff Marks from The Rag

That’s how you do things around your home. I will use some of these amazing tips and tricks. They seem easy to handle.

What about you?

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Source: Diply

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