Important Motorcycle Road Trips Tips

A motorcycle road trip is good for rejuvenating your mind while giving you a chance to have a picturesque view as you cross through various courses. Yet, if it feels uncomfortable even for a few hours, you’ll likely not look forward to the next adventure on a motorcycle. Unlike road trips using a car where you only need to gas up and go, enjoyable motorcycle road trips ask for preparations. Take a look at this checklist to help you brace for the upcoming trip:

1.    Choose the right machine

What’s your height and weight, and what type of trip do you plan on taking? The answer to these questions should determine the motorcycle you choose. Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time riding.

The bike you choose should accommodate your weight, height, and the course you plan to go through. Adjust the backrest, footpegs, handlebars, and seat to efficiently match your needs. Ensure it has sufficient storage space to avoid carrying a backpack on your back, as this might affect your comfort. If the bike does not have a storage compartment, buy saddlebags that are fixable on the bike.

2.    Service your bike

Whether it’s a new ride or the bike was recently serviced, find a professional to ensure your motorcycle is safe to ride for long hours. You might miss things like a loose bolt, worn-out tire, and more. While at it, learn a thing or two you can apply when you face an emergency on a deserted track. Additionally, consider using an accent light kit for increased visibility and safety during the night. You can have it installed by your mechanic or do it yourself.

3.    Take multiple breaks

Remember, this is a road trip and not a rush to reach a destination. You don’t have to cover 500 km before dawn. Take as many breaks as possible and use these breaks to document your journey. Riding a motorcycle is more tiring than driving a car as you’re required to remain in a certain position for hours. This leads to fatigue, which might result in an accident. Take a break every 60 to 100 miles.

4.    Wear the right gear

Dressing appropriately is imperative when going on motorcycle road trips. Shop for appropriate attire, including riding pants, a comfortable t-shirt, jacket, ankle boots, and a helmet. If you will be passing through a rough course, pack a pair of knee and elbow guards.

5.    Stay hydrated

Drinking water might be the last thing you think about when riding, especially because the wind keeps you from realizing you’re dehydrated. However, you should have a water bottle and a long tube to help you sip water on the go.

6.    Brace yourself for a change of weather

Prepare for weather changes. It might start raining, or temperatures might get extremely high. Carry essentials to help you navigate through all weather conditions.


Motorcycle road trips aren’t reserved for professional bikers only. You, too, can take a ride and have the time of your life. However, you must be well prepared; otherwise, you will have a disastrous experience.