8 Must Visit Places For Your Bucket List In 2021

Travel lovers are always excited to plan their next trip. However, with so many places to visit, it often becomes a difficult task. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the best tourist spots from all over the world to help you plan your next trip in 2021:

  1.Wineries in Australia

Australia should definitely be at the top of your bucket list owing to the vast range of places you can visit here. You can go to Melbourne or Sydney to relish the life of cosmopolitan cities. But if you wish to experience its rich heritage, you need to travel to the interior parts of the country.

Do make it a point to visit the famous wineries of Australia. They produce some of the best wine in the world and are located at beautiful spots where you can spend your entire day. Learn more about the Wine Regions Australia here.

  2.The beaches of Morocco

Morocco attracts a lot of tourists because of its famous beaches, desert treks, and exquisite cuisine which is a mixture of Arab and French food. While in Morocco, there are a number of places you can visit depending on your taste.

A bonus for tourists is that the country is not very expensive with extensive public transport and affordable lodging and food facilities.

  3.Cherry Blossoms in Japan

It is difficult to absorb the entirety of Japan’s beauty in just one trip. From the bustling metropolis of Tokyo to the calm countryside of Kyoto, it offers a lot.

A visit to Mt. Fuji is a must. You should also try to visit the country in the cherry blossom season which is the most beautiful period of the year. Don’t forget to visit the traditional Japanese temples and palaces to get a taste of the rich architectural heritage of the country.

  4.The South-East Asian wonder- Vietnam

For people who love adventure coupled with a rich culture and beautiful locations, Vietnam is the ultimate destination. You can visit the incredible valleys in the northern region and go to the iconic beaches.

Ha Long Bay is a must-visit location. It offers an overnight cruise wherein you can feast your eyes by the scenic rock formations in the water

  5.Explore the vibrant culture of India

There are hardly any countries in the world where so many cultures coincide. India is a vast country with a rich heritage. It is hard to pinpoint tourist destinations from the country because there is something for everyone.

From the surreal hillside of Darjeeling to the grandiose of the palaces in Rajasthan and to the beautiful temples in Tamil Nadu, you can visit any part of the country and have a unique and beautiful experience.

  6.The Transcendental paradise of Bhutan

Bhutan’s green hills and clean, swift rivers grant it a natural beauty that is unparalleled. You can visit monasteries situated in the most picturesque of spots on top of mountains.

The palaces and forts are rich with history. But make sure you are prepared to walk a lot as most locations require some amount of hiking.

A trip to Bhutan is a bit expensive as visitors are required to be accompanied by a local tourist guide. On average, Bhutan tourism costs about $200 – $250 per day. However, the serene monasteries, the exceptionally clean air, and friendly locals definitely make up for it.

  7.Dive into the culture of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most recognizable structures of the world. Besides this magnificent structure, China has plenty of other locations that appeal to tourists.

If you are fond of history, you must visit the Forbidden Palace of Beijing. For those fond of natural beauty, you can visit the snowy village of Hubei or the Yellow Mountains.

  8.Explore the beauty of South America

The continent of South America is an excellent place to be on your bucket list. It has natural wonders like no other. Along with that, the mouth-watering cuisine of the different regions and the comparatively cheap travel rates, make it a dream destination for many travelers.

Make it a point to visit Machu Picchu in Peru- one of the world’s seven wonders. Also, pay a visit to the Angel Falls in Argentina, the river of five colors in Colombia, and the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Try to visit as many places from this bucket list as you can, if you wish to experience the “real” beauty this world has to offer.


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