Importance Of Having A Wellness Coach Certification

There are truly wonderfully gifted people in this world that are blessed with the gift to simply inspire others. What’s more, is that they are passionate about inspiring others as well.

A wellness coach is an example of this. Wellness coaches are professionals that help people with their physical and emotional well-being. Through proper goal setting and action plans, they help others reach their maximum potential. Examples of action plans are nutrition counseling, exercise plans, counseling for better mental and emotional health, and lifestyle changes that aim to improve the overall well–being of the client. If your goal is to achieve emotional wellbeing, you can also seek help from life coaches. They will ask you deep and meaningful questions that will help in the process of you achieving the best vision of yourself. Life coaches will check in on a regular basis so they can act as an accountability partner.

On that note, Wellness coach certification is being offered today for wellness coaches as agreed by The National Consortium for Credentialing of Health & Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC) and the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). 

Are you thinking about choosing wellness coaching as a career?

Take note that this is not just a trend that will leave you adrift in a few years. A lot of people are truly seeking the support that Wellness coaches provide. The importance of understanding your overall health is truly essential. Becoming a wellness coach means that you get to help people on a personal level and encourage them on their wellness journey. With the advice, support, and accountability that you provide, they will be able to make changes in their lifestyle which promotes good health.

Importance of Having a Wellness Coach Certification

Getting a life coach certification is being qualified to pursue a career in this profession. Here is why it is important to get certification:

  • Gives you a solid foundation

Having a good footing on what you are teaching ensures that you are an effective coach and speaker. People will easily be able to relate to you because you know what you are talking about. Especially if you are someone who is not that familiar with all the different areas that might need attention. For example, having a solid foundation of learning about people who struggle with depression or obesity makes you sensitive to their needs. You will not be harsh to push them in areas that they might not yet be emotionally ready to handle.

When you also have a solid foundation on the good practices and teachings of wellness you are able to give timely and realistic advice to clients. This will be good for them in order to achieve their goals.

  • National credibility

Certification immediately gives you national credibility that you can use to make a name for yourself in the industry. This means that you have passed the professional standards in health and wellness. These were put in place to ensure that the people who will be involved with this career are adequately equipped. Because health is important and shouldn’t be entrusted to people who will not promote its proper well-being.

It is vital that people who are certified to be involved in this field are people-oriented, respectful, and compassionate to the needs of the people that they will be working with.

  • Employment Opportunities

In addition to national credibility, you will graduate as someone who is known to be a trusted expert on the subject and will help you gain more clients in the future and even better employment opportunities.

Some employers also prioritize those who have their certification to avoid the risk of taking a chance on someone who will not be able to deliver the proper service needed.

Some things to know about getting an online wellness coach certification:

  • It is usually an 18-week training program
  • There are three pillars of curriculum that you will learn about which is wellness training, coach training, and business training.
  • World-class faculty and staff from the leading industry experts on health & wellness as well as in the areas of coaching and business.
  • You will be involved as well in a global community of other wellness professionals around the globe with whom you can exchange learnings with
  • Personal and professional support during your study where like-minded people are walking the same path as you in a community that caters to your needs so that you are able to learn efficiently.


Today, certification for this career is being offered by the NCCHWC and the NBME. If you are passionate about helping others achieve overall physical and emotional well-being then being a wellness coach might be a good fit for you.

The importance of having certification provides you a solid foundation of the core principles that you will need to do this job well. In addition, you are also given national credibility which helps you make a name in the industry. Certification also boosts your chances of getting employed easily since some companies prioritize those with certification already.

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