Huge Bitcoin Conference to take Place in Zurich, Switzerland

What may be considered the biggest global Bitcoin conference being held twice a year is taking place at Samsung Hall in Zurich, Switzerland on June 8-10, 2021. This is the seventh instalment of the Coingeek Conference series aimed at propagating a deeper understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, as well as gathering blockchain experts, developers, investors and clients together so they can form future partnerships. 

The previous CoinGeek Conference was held in October 2020 at business centers London and New York and broadcasted live in English and Chinese to a global audience of more than 300,000. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team worked hard in creating a worthwhile virtual experience, at the centre of which is a jam-packed schedule composed of more than 90 speakers, providing maximum value for all audiences—as past conferences have done. 

This time, CoinGeek Conference VII is taking place at Zurich, the heart of European banking and a city that is home to over 500 financial institutions. What’s more, “Crypto Valley” is located in Zug, just south of Zurich, which is the headquarters of Bitcoin Association, and its founding president, Jimmy Nguyen, will host the conference again. Switzerland will once again boost its reputation as a global financial and digital asset hub.

“Join us when CoinGeek will again broadcast live to the world, bringing you exciting new developments in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem,” Nguyen said in the official announcement for CoinGeek VII.

For this year’s conference, the theme will be about the all-important data—how the Bitcoin SV blockchain can accommodate an infinite amount of data due to its capacity for unbounded scalability. Of course, all data transactions are immutably and chronologically recorded on the blockchain. And because each block is being continuously scaled to handle bigger and bigger data, extremely low-cost micropayments are made possible. 

On top of this, Bitcoin SV has made it its goal to give back ownership of data back to the people, and not let tech giants Facebook and Twitter monopolize the use and profit of data which are not their own. This will allow individuals to own and monetize their data through the Metanet—a new and better Internet. This is an advocacy close to CoinGeek’s heart as we have learned how important it is to give people extra income, no matter how small, during this time of pandemic.  

Register now for CoinGeek Conference VII to learn more about how the Bitcoin SV blockchain can truly make the world a better place.