Tips for Enjoying July 4th During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated massive changes to our everyday lives. Activities we once viewed as commonplace and mundane now carry substantial risks, forcing many of us to rethink the way we go about our daily routines. Unsurprisingly, the ongoing threat of the novel coronavirus has also meant amending the manner in which we celebrate holidays. Needless to say, holidays that typically involve congregating with friends, family members and assorted acquaintances will need to be celebrated exclusively with members of our immediate households until this pandemic is finally in the rearview. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t derive any enjoyment from these occasions. Anyone looking to have a fun-filled Fourth of July, for example, can do so with the help of the following pointers.

Don’t Congregate with Unvaccinated Individuals 

Since July 4th is typically regarded as a day for congregation with friends, family members and assorted loved ones, not being able to organize or attend gatherings this Independence Day may be tough. However, if you absolutely insist in getting together with others, you must only congregate with individuals who have been fully vaccinated. In addition to receiving both shots, being fully vaccinated also entails being at least two weeks past your second shot. So, if you or any of the people you’re hoping to interact with this Independence Day don’t meet these qualifications, you’ll need to sit this one out. It’s too late in the game to be taking unnecessary risks, and if you’ve gotten this far, you can wait a bit longer for a return to normalcy. Saying no to gatherings with loved ones is liable to draw complaints from the people in your inner circle who haven’t taken this pandemic seriously, but you’d do well to ignore their hemming and hawing and take solace in the fact that you’re being socially responsible.   

Stock Up on Supplies Beforehand 

It’s no secret that stores tend to get crowded around most holidays – and the Fourth is no exception. In the lead-up to Independence Day, retailers are often flooded with people buying food, assorted outdoor gear and other items synonymous with July 4th fun. That being the case, if you need to make a grocery run or get any other shopping out of the way, make sure to do this well in advance of the big rush. You can help protect yourself by shopping during times when most people are at work or at home. You can also eliminate a significant amount of risk by simply shopping online or utilizing the convenient contactless pickup options most retailers and restaurants are offering.     

Skip Public Events 

Big public events are a staple of Independence Day. Starting the day off with a Main Street parade and ending it with a nighttime firework display is how many of us are accustomed to spending the Fourth. However, given how infectious the novel coronavirus is, you’re better off skipping such events for the time being. Even if your city or township still insists on holding them, it simply isn’t worth the risk.   

Buy Fireworks from Dependable Sources 

If being unable to attend a municipal firework show has gotten you down, you may want to consider buying fireworks you can set off yourself. However, when going this route, it is imperative that you keep a steady water source close at hand, avoid handling fireworks under the influence and adhere to a number of other safety practices. Furthermore, you should never attempt to make your own fireworks or purchase them from unreliable retailers or manufacturers. When buying Roman candles and other fireworks, stick with companies with a proven track record of safety and customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, purchasing fireworks that are intended for professional displays, as these are out of your league and can result in serious safety hazards. These fireworks can often be identified by their brown paper packaging. 

Nearly every person on the planet has been impacted by the novel coronavirus. Due to COVID-19’s highly infectious nature, people are strongly advised to avoid large crowds and social gatherings for the time being. Unfortunately, whenever a big holiday rolls around, many Americans simply can’t help themselves, thereby facilitating a significant increase in new infections. If you’re eager to have a fun Fourth of July without placing your health at considerable risk, the previously discussed are sure to prove useful.