How To Use Vases For Interior Decoration For Home Staging

If you are looking to sell your house quickly, then you should start planning for house staging. This will allow you to show potential buyers the house in its best light. Of course, you are expected to put in some work on the décor of the home. The first thing to work on will be the curb appeal, as it is the one that creates the first impression, which is essential. But this does not stop there: buyers will want to see the interior too. While you are advised to get rid of personal wall pictures and other intimate items, you cannot afford to leave the house bare. You can use vases to accessory your home to impress the buyers.

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1. Pair the vase with a modern painting

If you choose a clear glass vase, you can pair with a modern and non-personal painting. This can be done at the corner of the living room where you have a corner stool or stand. The painting can be hanged on the wall above the vase. Alternatively, it can be hanged on the wall adjacent. 

2. Use vases as bookends

Vases can serve as the perfect bookends. Whether they are holding flowers, marbles, stones, or even candles, they can add sophistication to your bookshelf. You can do color coordination with either the book covers or the rest of the interior design to have a more thought-out and organized look. Some buyers love it when there is some element of nature inside the house. This means that you should not shy away from using the vases to hold flowers, too; you will love it also.

3. Use vases of various sizes as the centrepiece

The other area in which you can incorporate vases is in the dining room. Glass vases as centrepieces on the dining table will tastefully decorate the area. Note that there is more to this. The best way to incorporate the vases is by using ones with contrasting sizes. This will bring balance and create a flawless display. 

You can work with different shapes. If you want a minimalist look, you can choose long cylindrical vases in different sizes and arrange them in descending or ascending order. You can work with square or round vases and pack them with blooming flowers. This will blow the buyers’ minds.

4. Arrange vases in the space above the kitchen cabinets

Note that one of the rooms that homebuyers pay attention to is the kitchen. If the kitchen impresses a buyer, then you can be rest assured that they will get the house and for a fair price. While you are required to do quick fixes or even a remodel if the kitchen is not in its best shape.

Accessorizing the kitchen will beef up the interior décor instantly, and vases are the best accessories to use. If you have a kitchen island, then you can use a vase as a centrepiece. There is a better way to add life to your kitchen. The space above the cabinets would be a perfect place to place the vases. You can also add LED lighting in the background to illuminate the vases for a more sophisticated look. 

5. Vases above the kitchen sink

Nothing should stop you from going all out with the kitchen décor; this is one of the ways to win the buyers’ hearts. There are more ways you can use Venini vases, and that is by creating an oasis above the kitchen sink. On a floating shelf, you can arrange colorful Venini vases and incorporate indoor plants if you like. This will add unbeatable elegance to the kitchen. 

6. Vases in the staircase

You can use Venini vases to decorate your staircase too. You can strategically place them at the landing connecting two staircases or even along the rails. You can use one big vase or pair with vases of contrasting sizes and shapes for the landing area. 

Vases are easy to incorporate into space, and they are your ticket to impressing buyers interested in your home. Venini vases can be added to any space in your home. Be it the living room, the dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and even the hallway. More so, you can pair vases with other accessories such as wall art to add glamour to your room. Get the right collection of vases, and you will have a successful staging.

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