How To Use CBD Oil As Part of Your Beauty Routine?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the many compounds found in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. The vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants CBD oil contains are the perfect ingredient for beauty products. These constituents fight skin inflammation and restore the skin’s glow. With such widely covered benefits, it’s no surprise cosmetic producers are happy to lace their products with copious amounts of the substance. You can also read the full info here.

So, read through to find out how you can include CBD-based beauty products in your body care routine.

Face Serum

CBD oil face serums are great for reducing the signs of aging by firming up the skin to prevent the formation of wrinkles. By developing a daily routine that involves the application of some portion of the serum, you can ensure your face retains its youthfulness.  

Simply choose specific times to apply the serum – it could be once or twice daily (say, morning and night). Once you are set, follow the outlined steps to use the serum for the best results:

  • Remember to wash your face to remove dirt and oil residue
  • Squeeze a few drops of the serum on your hands
  • Rub the serum gently between your palms to bring it to room temperature.
  • Gently pat the serum on the skin and smear evenly across the face and neck area.

Facial Moisturizer

Not only are they good at keeping your face moist, but they also supply the nourishing effects of CBD oil. Your face maintains a brilliant luster and enjoys the therapeutic action of CBD. Looks like something you want to include in your routine? Then begin by choosing times to apply the moisturizer – morning and night will do.

  • Wash your face to remove makeup, dirt, and oil so the moisturizer can act directly on the skin.
  • Dry face gently with a cloth.
  • Get a little of the moisturizer on your hands and apply in circular motions on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.


Body Cream

CBD body creams are amongst the most popular CBD infused products on the market. It is due to their aesthetic and therapeutic actions. These creams do not only give you a luxuriant skin that sizzles, but they also treat various skin conditions (like acne and eczema). What’s more, they also help relieve muscular and joint pain.

To apply it, follow the outlined steps in the morning and possibly at night:

  • Before committing fully to any particular brand, apply some portion on a small area of your skin to check for any allergic reaction.
  • When you finally choose a brand that suits your skin, ensure you take a shower whenever you want to apply the cream. It is to get your skin clean.
  • Gently apply the cream over the body while also rubbing it in. Alternatively, you can choose specific areas (like your face and neck, joints, and feet) on which to apply the topical.

Don’t worry about dose as you can’t overdose on a CBD topical. Just use the quantity adequate to cover the areas of application, and you’ll be fine.

Face Masks

Nowadays, you can create your own spa-like experience within your home. And what better way to do so than by using a CBD based face mask? With this covering, your face is sure to absorb all the beneficial nutrients present in CBD oil and assume a healthy and shimmering look in no time.

  • Clean your face thoroughly with water and mild soap.
  • Dab your face gently to dry out the water.
  • Spread the mask across the face and ensure it sits well.
  • Leave it on for about 20-30 minutes (but not for too long, so the sheets do not dry out).

Lip Balm

Lip balms help moisturize the lips and prevent them from getting chapped, but CBD infused chapsticks can do this better due to their therapeutic content. These hydrating and nourishing constituents (like the vitamins and antioxidants) also trigger a healthy, non-greasy glow that increases the appeal of your lips.

If you’re looking to pick up a CBD based lip balm, know that it can replace your standard balm. Also, you can use the CBD chapstick by following the same lip smearing and smacking routine.

Make CBD Products a Part of Your Beauty Routine!

If there is one bandwagon you should hop on, it’s the CBD movement! But make sure that you select the right CBD oil product for yourself. The benefits of the compound are too prominent to be ignored. So choose which CBD oil-infused beauty products you would like to switch to or combine with what you already have. Then follow our application guide to get the best results.

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