5 Natural Ingredients to Use in Your Beauty Routine

It’s time to incorporate the nature into your beauty routine. If your quote now is that you are using the natural products you bought at the beauty store, then you are wrong.

I’m talking about real natural ingredients for better results and amazing benefits.

The beauty secrets are here; you just need to reach for them. Remember how we were inspired by fairy tales back in the days? – these princesses were flawless, and we all imagined that we would become one of them in our lives.

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How did that work for you?

Lots of beautiful people can talk about how they maintain their beauty for days. Sometimes it’s so inspiring to hear them talk about their methods and experiences.

That’s exactly what I have here. These natural ingredients for your beauty routine come from women who used them and saw their excellent benefits.

  • Aloe Vera Gel for Glowing Hair and Skin

This natural ingredient comes with hydrating properties that nourish your skin and hair. To use it, you need to cut a stem from the plant and slice off the green layer on top. You are going to see the translucent flesh inside.

Take a spoon and scoop it out. Apply this gel to the tips of your hair if you want to prevent split ends.

For the skin, you can implement the gel and gently massage a piece onto your face. Make sure you apply an even thin layer all over your face.

It’s good for dry skin and treating sun burnt skin, as well.

  • Castor Oil for Eyebrows and Eyes

The castor oil is perfect for massages. Your hair will benefit from it. By applying it onto your eyes will tighten up the eye bags, and even cleanse the dirt and toxins.

To use it, you need to dip a piece of cotton in the castor oil and brush your eyebrows with it to give them volume. You can massage a drop onto your eyes. That’s your overnight detox tip.

  • Almond Oil for Your Eyes

The almond oil is full of Vitamin E that will help your skin and cleanse the eyes by generating new cells. It’s good for a sensitive skin and enriches the eyes while reducing those ugly looking dark eyes circles.

To apply it, you need to take a drop of almond oil with your fingers right around your eyes.

  • Coconut Oil for Your Nails

The natural antibacterial properties in the coconut oil will heal cracked and yellow nails. It will ward off the toenail fungus while making the nails strong, and restores their healthy sheen.

All you need to do is apply a drop of coconut oil on every nail and massage it until they feel oily.

  • Olive Oil for Your Feet

The olive oil works well with the dirty feet smell and could heal the cracks and aches you feel in your feet.

Start by massaging your feet with five drops of olive oil. Press the sore spots gently until your skin fully absorbs it. Let them be for the night, and in the morning you are going to feel them softer.

You can repeat these procedures every day or night. There is no harm in natural ingredients. That’s why you need to include them into your beauty routine.

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