How To Upgrade The Living Room On A Budget

We have never had so much interior design inspiration in our hands as there is right now. Right from Pinterest to blogs, Instagram, and magazines, one is never short of ideas of how we can make the living space look beautiful. Large or small, minimalist, sustainable, contemporary, no matter the type of living room you have, there are ways to upgrade it on a budget. When it comes to upgrading the space, we are always short on cash and it helps to stick to a budget to cut down costs.

You may feel inclined to make big changes that truly change the aesthetic of your space, like adding hardwood flooring or updating your kitchen cabinetry. And while larger renovation projects certainly make all the difference, even the smallest changes can impact the overall feel of your living room space. There is no need to clutter the space to stick to the monthly budget. Here are a few innovative and budget-friendly ideas you can consider to upgrade the living room.

1. Add table lamps and remove the overhead lights

The easiest way to change the way your living room looks is to change the lighting. You can swap the overhead lights and use table lamps instead. It is best to remove the bright overhead lights because warm, soft lights can make you feel more relaxed. The bright light will keep you alert and increase your productivity and you do not need them in the living room. It is a space to unwind so use table lamps to instantly uplift the vibe of the space.

2. Style the coffee table

You do not have to spend a lot, just add a vase of flowers or a candle in a tray to the coffee table and it will change the way your living space looks. Items like books and candles can add color and bring a spiritual element to the space while fresh flowers can add texture and warmth to the room.

3. Get an accent chair

Do not spend your money trying to replace the worn-out sofa, instead, try to elevate the feel and look of your space with a stylish accent chair. Pick something that you see evolving with your space as time passes so that it is easier to make upgrades in the future. There are many chairs available in versatile shapes and sizes which can also be easily moved around the home.

4. Use throw pillows

You can add throw pillows to the seating area if the space looks incomplete. It requires minimal commitment and you can easily swap the textures and patterns with your mood and seasons.

Consider the beautiful, rich colors and velvets in winter and fall but use linen and natural colors in warmer months. You can find hundreds of budget-friendly options online.

5. Hang artwork

Do not let the artwork sit in the boxes for months because ultimately you will end up forgetting all about it. Take out time and hang up the thrifted pieces right where they belong. Art can bust your budget but there are hundreds of options to choose from. If you have nothing at home, just head to the local thrift store and pick what you love. You can easily get away with spending just some bucks and it will add soul to the room.

6. Replace the furniture set

It is natural to be tempted to buy furniture sets but this approach will not leave much space for you to organize the room the way you prefer. If you want to create a space that is a replica of your favorite design magazine, you need to avoid buying furniture sets. If you already have a set and find it difficult to replace it, just swap one or two pieces like accent tables or bookshelves for a second-hand option that works well. It will instantly give character to the space and make the living room feel personalized and connected.

Use these tips to upgrade the living room in your home but ensure that there is no clutter in the room. It can immediately kill the vibe of the space. Since many of us are working from home or have to handle kids, it is easier said than done. But you can always keep additional storage on hand to put in everything when you have to clean the room. There is no need to spend a huge amount to upgrade the living room. If you make the right choices and replace a few pieces in the room, it will look as good as new. Just ensure it blends with the overall theme of the house and does not look out of place.