Make Working from Home Comfortable

In the past year, we have all had to make some unexpected, serious adjustments. Wearing a mask everywhere you go, avoiding large groups and other activities that occur in close quarters, our lives have all had to shift around a lot. Some of us even had to step into the role of a sort of homeschool teacher, keeping our children on task between zoom classes.

One of the most notable changes many of us have had to make is the shift from working in the office to working at home. Though it sounds great to not have to make that commute every day and stay in your pajama bottoms for most of your day, working from home comes with its own unique problems.

One of the biggest hassles is having a separate workspace from the rest of your regular home. It’s important now more than ever to make sure we have a good workstation set up at home.

The Importance of Having a Designated Work Space

When you work from home, many people see it as getting to work without leaving the house. What that means in practice is that you are, in a way, sleeping in your office. 

Before we get into what small creature comforts you can add to make your workdays better, it’s important that we note just how important it is to have a separate workstation dedicated as “office space.” This keeps work separate from your personal life, allowing you to set boundaries and keep your own space sacred, untouched from whatever stresses the workday may bring.

Comfort is Key

Though some assume that working from home is always going to be more casual and comfy, if you’ve been working at home recently, you know that isn’t always the case.

While fun at first, the novelty of sending emails from your couch wears off after a couple of weeks. Suddenly that couch that you once held near and dear to your heart isn’t as comfortable as you once thought it was, and your bed just doesn’t seem right.

Here are a few minor adjustments that you can make to your at-home office space to make every day in the office a bit cozier.

A New Chair

If you used to work at a desk job, you’re used to spending your whole day in a chair. And while that less-than-comfy office chair at work got the job done, you don’t have to suffer through that uncomfy situation anymore.

The first thing you should invest in is something more comfortable, like a nest chair. These unique chairs are actually bean bag chairs that form to your body and offer ultimate support and comfort. 

I mean who wouldn’t love to go to work in a bean bag chair, right?

An Adjustable Desk

Though a nest chair is a great addition to your office space, sometimes you also just get tired of sitting in the same position all day.

That’s where the adjustable desk comes in. These new desks offer the option to go from sitting to standing and back again, cutting down on the back pain caused by sitting all day while also offering an option that isn’t just standing all day. 

You can even buy an attachment that turns the desk you already have into a standing desk, which is less of an investment than purchasing an entirely new piece of furniture.

Make Your Space Yours

In this age of uncertainty and unique stress, it’s important to take control of the things in your life that you can do something about. Make your office space comfortable to take the pressure off those long stressful workdays.