How to Travel Safely with Your Kiddos During the COVID-19 Era

Wrangling in restless children in crowded airports, keeping wandering hands off germ-infested high-touch points, and satiating cravings of picky eaters with airplane food poses a challenge for even the most seasoned travelers. While traveling with children under the age of thirteen may seem like a daunting task during COVID-free times, 2020 has shown that transporting your little bundles of energy from terminal to terminal is even more stressful amidst the COVID-19 era.

With challenges such as children’s increased susceptibility to airborne illnesses and finding kid-friendly accommodations, embarking on a vacation with your little ones isn’t for the faint of heart. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has only placed more obstacles in the paths of families hoping to jet off to a faraway destination at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

While there may be more concerns when currently traveling with children mid-COVID-19 pandemic, it is an attainable goal as long as you follow the precautions below.

Opt for cars over planes

Studies show that the safest mode of transportation during the COVID-19 era is driving a car. When you travel by your motor vehicle, you can effectively prevent the spread of the virus and limit your exposure to outside drivers and fellow passengers who could have contracted this potentially-lethal virus.

While many tourist attractions are accessible via road travel, it may be easier to fly to your destination, depending on your circumstances. In these cases, vacation-goers might consider transporting their vehicle to their final location. This decision guarantees you will have your car at your disposal for whatever activities you have planned. With the help of a pro like Guardian Auto Transport ( you can ensure your vehicle arrives scratch-free and ready to transport you and your family from tourist attraction to tourist attraction.

Avoid a paper boarding pass

If you must travel by plane to reach your destination, you can take the following precautions to minimize your risk of virus contraction. For starters, you can utilize modern technology by downloading your boarding pass to your phone.

This technology keeps back-and-forth exchanges of a paper ticket between you and the gate agent to a minimum. Note that the more family members that attend your vacation, the greater your risk of falling ill to the coronavirus. That said, only extend invitations to your immediate family. In addition to switching to a mobile boarding pass, it is essential to remember to disinfect your device screen often to decrease the chance of infection.

Maintain a healthy diet

In the weeks leading up to your trip, it’s an excellent idea to implement a healthy diet to avoid getting sick. Eating healthy and nutritious meals will help boost your immunity and reduce your risk of contracting the virus before your departure date comes knocking at your door. Substituting processed foods for healthy alternatives like fruits, vegetables, and protein is an essential step in ensuring your immune system reaches peak performance.

Choose an outdoor destination

When planning your family vacation, it’s critical to select a destination with outdoor spaces and activities. With fresh air and spacious grounds, you can maintain six feet of space between families. Not to mention, visiting an outdoor destination decreases the chance of infection tremendously. Florida is an excellent option to book your next trip. This Sunshine State boasts 825 miles of beaches, complete with calming waters and beautiful sunrises to keep both parents and children entertained.

A new traveling lifestyle

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the travel industry forever. Until active cases dwindle to a manageable level, responsible parents should equip themselves with the best tips and techniques available to protect their family. While there may be an exhausting amount of steps involved to ensure a safe vacation, the time spent will be well worth the investment when you flip through your vacation scrapbooks plastered with smiling faces and candid shots.

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