How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally While Traveling

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Staying healthy is the top of everyone’s mind these days. When you are travelling, it is especially important to have your immune system functioning well and to do all you can to avoid getting sick. Here are some natural ways to help boost your immune system when you are away from home. 

  • Stay Active

Staying active helps keep your body functioning well and can help boost your mood and brain function as well. Staying active doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym, you can be creative and find ways to exercise no matter where you are. 

If you have long travel days, use the time you have waiting for flights to go for a brisk walk around the airport. If you are or are visiting a new place and staying in a hotel, take advantage of the gym, or bring along your running shoes and orthotics and use the hallways and stairs as your personal exercise space. 

  • Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep helps your body repair and replenish, and in stressful times it is vital to get a good night’s sleep to help protect your immune system. When you sleep, your body releases proteins called cytokines that help you heal from infections and deal with stress. When you are overtired, your body may not produce enough of these protective cells. 

  • Stay Hydrated

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Drinking plenty of water helps flush away dead cells and germs and also boosts your body’s natural defense system. When you are well hydrated your mucus membranes around your eyes, nose, and mouth produce fluids that trap viruses and harmful bacteria before they can enter your body and make you sick. 

  • Eat Healthy Foods

A healthy balanced diet ensures that your body has all the essential vitamins, protein, and minerals it needs to fight off infection and stay healthy. Fresh fruit and vegetables provide better nutrients than processed foods and provide in a way your body can easily absorb. 

  • Brush and Floss Your Teeth

Having a routine for your dental hygiene during COVID is an important part of staying healthy. Dental issues such as tooth decay, or gum disease can increase your risk for serious health issues such as heart disease, and they are even linked to diabetes. Boost your immune system and keep your teeth healthy and strong by brushing and flossing regularly and with regulate checkups at the Galloro Dental Group.

  • Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands regularly with warm soap and water is one of the most effective ways to avoid getting sick. Be sure to wash for at least 20 seconds each time, being careful to thoroughly clean each finger, between your fingers and your thumbs. It is essential to wash your hands after going out in public, touching high-touch areas like doorknobs and handles or before and after eating. 

  • Wipe Down Your Touch Screens

Along with washing your hands, you should also be sure to clean and disinfect your phone, computer keyboard, and any touch screens. These are often the dirtiest surfaces around and many people don’t remember to clean them.

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