How to Stay Fit During the Colder Months

Once winter rolls around, it can be challenging to keep your fitness levels in check. With the cold air and bracing winds, it is tempting to hide away in your home and fill yourself up on high-calorie meals. Doing this will only make it harder to get back into shape once spring rolls around, however. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to ensure that you stay on top of your fitness game during winter, so you can stay warm while keeping your body in its perfect form. 

Purchase Fitness Equipment for Home

If you are usually a gym dweller, but you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself to get there in winter, then consider building a mini gym at home. You don’t need a whole room dedicated to it, just a few pieces of equipment you can pull out once it’s workout time.

Start simple with a few dumbbells, a jump rope, and maybe even a treadmill if you have space. By doing this, you won’t need to face the cold air to get your workouts in, so there’s no excuse!

Create a Getting Ready Routine

Part of finding motivation is getting into the right frame of mind, so create a routine that will get you there. The simple act of putting on your workout gear and filling up your water bottle can be enough to put you in the right mindset for your workout. A simple routine could look like this: change your fitness gear, put in your sports contact lenses, have a drink of water, and get your equipment out. Once you’ve done all this, your body and mind will be ready for that warmup.

Find Nutritious Winter Recipes

It’s easy to gauge yourself on desserts and high calorie, carb-dense meals over the winter. While your body will need extra energy, you should find ways to provide it while staying healthy. Have a look around for nutritious winter recipes like soups, casseroles, and chilis.

Write Down Your Goals

Having set goals will motivate you to get up and get going. Write them down and pin them up in your bedroom, kitchen, or workout area. This way, when you’re feeling unmotivated, you can look at what you’re working towards and remind yourself of why it is worth it.

Workout When the Sun is Out

One of the biggest reasons people slow down their fitness routines during winter is the shorter days. When it is dark outside, many people avoid going for a run. A simple way to get around this is to adjust your workout hours. If you had previously gone for 5 am runs during the sunrise in summer, then push them back to 7 am instead, or fit them into your lunch break.

Find a Fitness Buddy

One of the best fitness motivators is doing it with another person. Find a fitness buddy and feel each other in line by working out together and keeping track of each other’s goals.