How To Practice The Hawaiian Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono

The story about the Hawaiian therapist who healed criminally insane patients without ever even seeing them has become so popular that I would be rather surprised to hear you haven’t heard about it before. This might sound a bit weird to people who don’t actually believe in miracles, but nobody can deny the fact that it happened. As you can see on this page, the power of miracles is astounding and if you want them to happen, you simply need to believe.

The therapist mentioned above has managed to cure the people with the help of a secret system known as the healing Ho’oponopono prayer. After the successful healing of the patients, this Hawaiian prayer has become much more popular, which means that it is no longer a secret system. People have started reading about it and practicing it on their own.

If you come across anyone who has started practicing this prayer, you will hear them speak about how their lives changed for the better due to that decision. The changes can sometimes be rather small and seem insignificant to you, but they seem the world to the person concerned. Other times, you might be astounded by the changes that happened in the lives of other people.

It might easily happen that nobody around you has even heard about this powerful prayer. That doesn’t mean that you should drop your interest immediately. Thanks to the development of technology, you can now find out about this online. People tend to share their positive experiences and it’s really not that difficult to learn about anything that sparks your interest.

In case you aren’t familiar with all the benefits that come with the Ho’oponopono prayer, I suggest you visit and get all the useful info you need. It would be a shame not to learn about this powerful technique. If you take the time to learn about it, you just might find that it can make your life and your state of mind much more pleasant.

This prayer works on the idea that everything you hear, see and experience in any way becomes your own responsibility. You are in charge of all your experiences and through that responsibility, you can heal both yourself and other people, even without spending a minute with them in the same room. The best part is – practicing this technique is not difficult at all. It just takes a couple of steps and we’ll go through those below.

#1 Repentance

It can be rather painful to accept responsibility for everything that’s happening out there in the world. Whenever something horrible happens to anyone, we all tend to shield ourselves from emotions by constantly repeating that we have nothing to do with it. People are always looking to run away from pain, not realizing that pain makes you richer and even stronger.

When you accept the premise that you are responsible for everything that’s going on in the world, you will also get the power to change that. For starters, you will feel sorry for everyone and everything. You will assume their pain as yours and feel it just as much and that will allow you to repent on their behalf. The famous therapist has surely felt sorry for all the criminals, which helped him heal them.

It’s only natural that you won’t be able to reach this level the first time you start practicing the prayer. That’s why you should start with the issues you have with yourself. Start feeling responsible for the bad habits you have, or the things you do and apologize to yourself. A simple “I’m sorry” is enough to do the trick, but you can take it a step further if you feel like it.

#2 Forgiveness

What happens after you start feeling sorry about something? Naturally, you want to seek forgiveness. You want to be forgiven for the things you aren’t proud of. It might seem odd to you, but asking for forgiveness must be your next step, even if you aren’t sure exactly who you are asking it from. Say: “Please, forgive me” to yourself and really mean it.

In order to be able to overcome anything, you need to forgive yourself for those things. When you start wondering who you are asking for forgiveness from, you should remember that the answer is rather obvious. You’re asking it from yourself.

Only when you master this technique and really learn to absolve yourself of any blame will you be able to take it a step further and start doing the same for others. Start practicing forgiveness and take small steps. Over time, you’ll learn how to forgive (additional info) everyone for anything.

#3 Love

None of these steps can be successful if you don’t learn how to love. You have to love yourself, love God, love everyone around you in order for the healing prayer to work. Start loving even your challenges, your problems, and all the struggles that you have gone through or are going through at the moment.

Start loving even the things and the people you don’t feel are worth your love, because that’s a very important step towards healing. Say “I love you” to all these things and repeat it all over again. Don’t stop saying it and start believing it. If you don’t really mean it, then things definitely won’t work for you.

Love is the most powerful force in the world and you should use it. Life gets more fulfilled and more meaningful once you start loving everyone and everything in it. Make sure to never underestimate the power of love.

You have reasons to love everyone and here they are: 

#4 Gratitude

There are a lot of things to be thankful for in your life. You should start with the most basic ones and thank yourself. Say “thank you” to your body and your mind for everything they do for you in every second of every day.

Thank God for everything that’s been given to you in your life and don’t forget to say thanks for the challenges and the problems as well. They make us stronger, remember? Keep saying take you to everything and really feel gratitude in order to be on the right path towards healing.

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