How to Open a Vehicle Lock without Damaging Your Vehicle Door?

Well you didn’t anticipate it but it actually happened. 

You have accidentally locked yourself outside your own vehicle and it’s the middle of the night. You don’t have any place to go and you don’t know what you should do or who can come to your rescue. 

Finding yourself in a car lockout situation can be pretty overwhelming. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation, then here’s how you can unlock your vehicle lock easily. 

After all, you do want to unlock the door and at the same time make sure nothing succumbs any damage. 

Should You Call a Locksmith? 

If you do have a locksmith Birmingham on speed dial, and you’re experiencing a vehicle lockout situation somewhere in Birmingham, having a locksmith to assist you at the hour of your need will be a true blessing. You might’ve to pay him for the provided assistance, but you will surely find yourself out of your lock problem within no time. 

Just in case, if you don’t have a locksmith on speed dial or it’s an odd time for calling up an emergency service, then here are a few things which you can do to unlock your vehicle door. 

Use a String to Unlock Your Car Door 

A long & strong string can help you with unlocking your vehicle door. If your car has a traditional type lock, then this string method can be of use to you. If it’s a modern lock type, then this method won’t be much of your help. 

Here’s how you can unlock a car door with a string. 

  • Tie a slipknot in the middle of the string. 
  • Use a thin piece of wood to gently create a small space between the window frame and the car’s body. 
  • Now insert the string from the opening and let it in carefully until the slipknot falls into place. 
  • The slipknot should adjust itself around the door lock’s post. 

Use a Wire Hanger to Unlock Your Car Door 

Another incredible way to unlock your vehicle door is through a wire hanger. The following unlocking method works best for automobiles that function on power door locks. 

In this method, 

You first gently create some space between the top of the car’s window frame and the car’s body. 

Now insert the hanger wire through the created space which you’ve made within the vehicle. 

Now use the wire hanger’s other end to depress the car flipper button which will roll the window down. 

And that’s just about it, you will easily open the car door by accessing the lock on the inside. 

So there you go, here are the two most common ways how you can help unlock your vehicle doors easily. It’s best advised that when you find yourself in a similar fix, you must consider calling an automobile locksmith first. It’s because these locksmiths are fully trained to unlock just about any car door. Automobile locksmiths are professionals, and they have all the necessary tools on them at all times. So when you’re experiencing a vehicle lockout situation, they will always bring the right tools

Moreover, they are the experts so you can rest easy as they won’t cause any damage to your vehicle door.