[TOP LIST] 25 Creative & Adorable Diaper Cake Ideas You Can Try

Boat Diaper Cake

Boat Diaper Cake

Tutorial via starringthemiddlesister.com

When you look at this diaper cake, you might think it is something you order from a store.

That is the beauty.

And what some people do not understand.

There is no need to order a diaper cake.

You are perfectly capable of making one on your own.

Easy Diaper Cake

Easy Diaper Cake

Tutorial via slapdashmom.com

You do not always have to make a diaper cake.

And you do not want to order one from the store.

For one, they are vastly expensive and overpriced.

So, what can you do? Stick to easy and simple cakes.

Diaper Cake With Gifts In The Middle

Diaper Cake With Gifts In The Middle

Tutorial via ineedmomentum.blogspot.com

The expecting mother will surely be touched and surprised by your gift.

You are giving her something for her baby, but also something for herself as well.

That is always appreciated.

Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Tutorial via thekurtzcorner.com

When you go to a baby shower, people notice what you give.

And some people, just want to show off.

For that purpose, we have cakes like this motorcycle cake, which is sure to be the talk of the city.

Diaper Cake Basket


Tutorial via mindofmeesh.com

Who doesn’t love a basket full of gifts?

No matter will refuse such a gift.

And you will be a great friend for bringing that gift.

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