How to Increase the Number of Instagram Views in 2021

If you have an Instagram account, then one of your New Year’s resolutions is to increase the number of views that your Instagram videos are getting. This type of content is among the most popular ones on the platform and successful accounts gather millions of views. However, Instagram is a very competitive social media platform with millions of active users. Therefore, if you want to stand out, you have to follow some specific strategies. If you also buy 50 Instagram likes for your views, you can boost your posts with not much effort. 

Many influencers have established certain trends that users seem to enjoy. To create successful content that attracts users’ attention, you have to study and adopt these trends. Then, you can buy real Instagram views and enhance your posts’ visibility.

In this article, you are going to learn the most practical ways with which you can increase the number of views on your Instagram videos.

#1 Find Creative Video Ideas

As you already know, Instagram has fierce competition among its creators. This means that on any given niche, you will find a lot of users that create posts, aiming to become the most popular account. For this reason, it is very important that the videos you post are well-thought-out and creative. For example, you can spot the latest trends in your niche, shoot a video according to these trends, and then, find a unique way to present it to your audience.

#2 Discover Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a new type of video that the popular platform has introduced in recent months. This new feature aims to become a competitor of Tik Tok as it allows users to create Tik Tok-like content. Namely, you can record a short 30-second clip, choose a song, and add various fun effects. The users have already shown that they love the new tool, so it will be beneficial for you to discover its potential. No matter the Reel you create, remember to buy 50 Instagram likes to boost it. 

#3 Edit your Videos in Specialized Software

Because the competition on Instagram is so big, the overall quality of your posts is often the deciding factor for their success. To ensure that your posts are the best ones possible, you should get a good editing software. Luckily, you have a lot of available options both on mobile devices and your desktop computer. When you shoot a video, edit it on the specialized software, and then upload it on Instagram. When the upload is complete, buy real Instagram views to help it reach a wide audience.

#4 Use All the Relevant Hashtags

The most basic strategy to get likes and views on social media is to use various hashtags. Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags, and so, you should make sure that you have taken full advantage of them. On your list, remember to include both popular hashtags and more niche ones to approach as many users as possible. Of course, you can buy real Instagram views to achieve the same thing without much effort. 

#5 Repost your Video

One common practice among influencers to get more views for their videos is to repost them. It is the truth that the majority of your followers will not see your posts on their feeds. Instead, there are more likely to check their stories. Therefore, once you post your video share it in a story and encourage its viewers to visit your profile for more. Furthermore, repost your video at a different time and day so that more users get the chance to see it. 

#6 Find the Best Time to Post your Content 

Finding the best time to post your content is one of the most important factors in the success of your posts on any social media platform. If your posts don’t coincide with the time that your audience is active, it will get buried among all of the other content posted after it. This way, it becomes even more difficult for your content to get enough views and likes. Of course, you can buy 50 Instagram likes for your posts so that they get the engagement they need to get recommended to more users. 

#7 Tag Relevant Accounts

One more simple practice that you can follow to increase the number of views of your Instagram posts and videos is to tag other accounts that have a large following. By doing this, your post will appear in the profile of these accounts, making it easier for more users to discover it. Moreover, if the creator of the tagged account likes your posts, he might reach out to you for a collaboration, a thing that will greatly benefit your account. Nevertheless, you should still buy Instagram likes to boost all of your posts.  

#8 Create Videos in the Right Dimensions

One of the most common issues found on many videos is that they are not created in the right dimensions. This way, it becomes more difficult for users to enjoy the videos and so they simply avoid them. Remember that Instagram works the best for square frames and the optimal dimension is 1080 * 1080. Apart from this, make sure that your video can also be viewed on mute, which is a big trend in recent years. A high-quality video will bring you great results, especially if you buy real Instagram views for it. 

#9 Include Calls to Action

The posts you create for your Instagram account have a specific goal, which is to convert its viewers into your followers. However, users are not so easily convinced to do so. You have to consistently post content of high-quality and at a steady pace. Moreover, you should motivate users to follow your account for more great videos. The way to do that is to include calls to action that ask your viewers to follow your account. 

All of the above strategies will bring you a lot of video views. Nevertheless, if you buy 50 Instagram likes for each one of your posts, you will help your account grow fast. 

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