3 Super Tips for Fashion Instagram Pages to Boost Your Follower Count in No Time

The photo-sharing social site is the best platform for your fashion business. It is a visual site where jaw-dropping images make you stop scrolling to read the interesting captions. Today, Instagram has advanced more with its shoppable posts, thus creating a full, immersive experience for the visitors.

Just like any other social media site, more likes and followers are essential aspects of your Instagram marketing plan. When you have organic, engaged followers, your fashion Instagram profile will successfully build a community, which acts as a robust marketing tool.

According to an article published on, you will find numerous ways to grow your followers on Instagram including using the relevant hashtags for added exposure, posting frequently and at busy hours, posting nothing but high-quality content, integrating popular topics and trends, targeting a niche customer base, and more.

Then, growing your followers on this photo-sharing platform is not as simple as it sounds. Here are some of the top tips to help you achieve your social media goals:

1. Develop your style and stay true to it

It is an essential tip. It is one of the best ways to pique follower interest, who will stick to your fashion brand provided you have an individual style and stay true to it. Do not copy others because in such a case, your audience will never know what your fashion business deals with.

These days, customers are fashion conscious and they would figure out when your Instagram content is inauthentic. Therefore, you need to post unique, authentic content on Instagram to build your brand and fan following. Here are some tips and tricks for boosting your Instagram following:

  • Grow your engagement with your niche audience and followers, ensuring that you reply to all their comments.
  • Post consistently so that your audiences know when they will see the post.
  • Demonstrate your brand persona.

Create your fashion Instagram account that is genuine and one-off. Share photos and videos related to your fashion products as well as demonstrating some of the unique product lines. This way, your followers will know who you are and what you do.

You can also share your style, the clothes you prefer, the makeup products you use, the car you travel, and things like. These things will build interest among your followers. Your brand should be relatable to your audience. In the digital landscape, everything is crowded and customers are looking to connect with unique fashion brands and follow them on Instagram.

Make sure you bring your followers to connect with your fashion business, accentuating your inimitable style and persona. Post bright, high-definition, and colorful photos or videos about your fashion garments and accessories on sale. If you would like to learn more about growing your Instagram following, you can look up sites such as or similar ones.

2. Use stunning content

Instagram is a photo-rich social media site and that is why it is a popular channel for fashion and beauty brands. You will need to post high-resolution, jaw-dropping photos, and videos that resonate with your loyal followers and targeted audience. If you look at some of the top fashion brand pages, they are exemplary when it comes to content. Therefore, the key to the success of your fashion Instagram profile is quality content publishing.

Make sure your content is unique, show a couple of behind-the-scenes visuals in your feed as well as stories. Highlight your team, the fashion events, and the glamorous shots of the models you use to promote your fashion garments. These tactics will help you stand out from the rest on Instagram.

While posting fashion shots, design a finely composed photo that looks spectacular like some of the top brands do. The outfit must contrast perfectly with the backdrop. There is no point in posting dull images that get lost in the feeds.

3. Focus on a theme

When you have a specific theme for your targeted audience on Instagram, your followers would benefit from the same. If you are unsure whether to publish a particular photo or fashion outfit in your subsequent post, simply refer to the themes you used in your previous posts and determine whether that theme will fit now. If not, you need to decide on a different theme. It will also help you to make decisions faster, as themes are effective tools for fashion influencers on Instagram.

Using the relevant themes also adds depth to your fashion brand. The followers can relate to your theme and identify your Instagram posts when they see them in their feed. Prospective followers who land on your Instagram page would look at your grid and view the specific theme you use. It will pique their interest and let them follow your fashion brand without confusion.


Keep these tips in mind if you would like to grow your fashion Instagram likes and followers in less time. Be consistent, post stunning images, and use appropriate themes.

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