Many prayed and hoped that these unprecedented times would vanish just as it came, but sadly, there still seems to be a rise in COVID 19 cases. New technologically-driven lifestyles have emerged due to the urgency of the situation, and such are rapidly taking over life’s norms as we used to know them – festive celebrations inclusive.

However (on a much lighter note), Christmas is here, and you deserve to have fun this Christmas amidst the pandemic.  Here we give you some holiday tips and ideas on working around the pandemic during this holiday to still have fun, exchange the best gifts, and get all into the Holiday spirit.

Are you ready for fun?

Of course, you are!

Switch Roles

Yes, the dough may not have been appropriately kneaded, or the steak may come off a little undercooked, but who cares, right? *BIG GRIN*. What matters is the love and efforts put into the cooking or baking by the most unlikely person in the family to cook. Role switching is a fun way to appreciate others’ efforts more deeply, and what better time to try this out than in a lockdown-Christmas with just you and your family in the house due to the pandemic?

Go Virtual with Secret Santa

COVID 19 doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t get and give gifts these holidays. The new normal is to typically go virtual with everything from meetings, parties, dates; why not secret Santa? Secret Santa is an age-long traditional method of best gifts exchange during Christmas, and we’re not letting it die down just yet.

For this year’s virtual secret Santa, have you and other participants sign up on any websites that allow the drawing and pairing random names together. What if you have no idea of the perfect gift to send to your recipient? Well, that’s the fun in secret Santa. Do your researches, peek into their wish lists, and get inspired. Remember to remain anonymous as a sender and use only trusted mailing and shipping services to get the gifts to their recipients. 

Try a Different Personality

This is for the brave-hearted only, as many may frown at this one (chuckles). You’ve lived your whole life based on your birth personality; how about a little fun challenge for yourself in the spirit of Christmas? If you’re an extrovert, do introverted stuff this holiday and vice versa. To keep you going, you could try this with your friends or family and put a reward at the end for whoever stays strong till the end of the holidays.

If you’re an introvert, you could try a virtual party or have a sleepover on Christmas Eve (while maintaining safety protocols). And if you’re an extrovert, engage in more quiet fun activities, spend some time alone and see how your body and mind react to the change.

You may hate this at first (obviously), but it’s a fun way to learn something new about yourself. You just may come to the realization of the specific type of introverted or extroverted personality you have or plain right find out you’re a true ambivert.

Take Your Time: what happened this year with the pandemic, losses, lockdown, and whatnot is enough to drive anyone bonkers, and some may not have gotten over the stress, fear, and uncertainty that came along with the pandemic. If you’re one who still needs time to adjust to the new normal, then take your time. Do not be pressured into doing things you do not feel up to doing this holiday, or else it’ll only compound your stress. Take baby steps and have fun at your pace, whatever way you want to go about it.


You mustn’t be out doing outdoor holiday activities to also catch some of the Christmas fever.  Your outdoor activities may be limited in your State or City due to the COVID 19 safety protocols set in place, so what do you do? Take advantage of virtual and home-style-for-the-holiday fun options like those here, and you can bet to enjoy the holidays to the fullest.


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