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The story of Absinthe might just as well be considered an urban legend similar to some Greek Mythology. Depending on whom you ask this story, might be true or false. Well, that’s a story for another day, for today, let’s leave it at that. The mysterious, Wormwood Absinthe was initially formulated in Switzerland but became a famous brand thanks to the French in the 19th century.

Around the years 1875 and 1913, consumption of Absinthe in France increased more than ten times. It became such an icon of drinking time in Paris that they had a specific, green hour to drink it daily. They called it the green cocktail drinking hour. Its most common name, however, has been the Green Fairy. It has received constant vilification as the liquor that drove Van Gogh insane. The truth is Vincent Van Gogh most likely suffered from acute intermittent porphyria.

It was also claimed that it had a compound, Artemisia absinthium commonly known as grand wormwood that caused people to run around in zombie-like hallucinations. In quantitative terms, this argument is valid, but the quantities will have to be very high for you to feel any effects. The wormwood, as well as hyssop and fennel, are all components of real Absinthe. With time people began to manufacture their versions of traditional Absinthe varieties at their homes with catastrophic and sometimes fatal effects.

One of the regular purposes for the conviction that absinthe does, truth be told, cause mind-changing impacts is the nearness of a compound called thujone. Thujone is a psychoactive consequence of a spice called wormwood; in the occasion that you’re having absinthe made with wormwood, by then you better get ready for some weird visuals.

Absinthe is prepared from macerated botanical extracts that go through distillation into a 70 percent alcohol base. These botanicals might include a spectrum of herbs like anise that pass on their characteristics to the drink. Traditional distillation methods always used neutral alcohol bases to elevate the enriching flavors of the botanicals.

There are lots of cocktail choices for the not so brave souls who cannot fathom the idea of taking a neat glass of absinthe. Recipes such as the Brazilian Sangaria embody the drink’s herbal richness in a mixture of fresh fruit extracts and red wine. It creates a complex palate with the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and bitter in a glass. Nevertheless, ensure to add absinthe in very small quantities as the drink has a bold taste that overlooks every other ingredient in the cocktail if used too much.

Absinthe available nowadays in the US can’t outperform 10 ppm (parts per milligram) of thujone, in this manner it is technically thujone-free and far from the real McCoy. If you ever wish to experience absinthe like it meant to be experienced, you should get yourself a bottle of wormwood absinthe with thujone!

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