Sleeping should be easy for both you and your child. Here’s how to get you back to looking forward to bedtime!

Batelle remote sleep school will have your little bundle of joy sleeping soundly in just two weeks. Don’t believe us? Then read on.

‘Sleep’ and ‘easy’ aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence by parents of children under the age of 5! But as a baby sleep consultant, we really do think that sleeping should be easy for the both of you at Batelle.

During these early years, children need all the sleep they can get. A good night’s sleep gives them time to grow, heal and prepare for the exciting day ahead. Children who sleep for the recommended amount of time for their age group boast better memory, reduced stress levels, and enhanced focus and productivity, all of which contribute to a happier, healthier and more well-rounded child. 

Sleep has its advantages for parents, too. In fact, parents feel like they can take on the world after enjoying an uninterrupted night of slumber. Yet sleep often evades both parent and child, which can leave all the family feeling stressed and fatigued. There’s no need to lose hope just yet though! 

Thanks to the following tips from our baby sleep consultant you can start looking forward to bedtime and the restorative night’s sleep that follows!

Prepare with your child in mind

This may seem obvious, yet many parents work with generic sleep techniques and see no or very little results despite following every rule in the book. Every child is different, and at Batelle we use these differences and the varying stages of development that occur from 0 to 5 years to tailor a sleep program that really works.  

With this, you’ll have 2 weeks of on-demand coaching from your very own baby sleep consultant when enrolling on the Batelle sleep school program. They’ll guide you through naptimes, bedtimes and night wake-ups to devise a personalised plan that is sustainable, convenient and built for the long haul.

Understand what your child really needs

Ensuring your child gets the recommended amount of sleep is vital during these early years. Understanding how much sleep they should be getting every night is therefore a great starting point as well as a goal that you, your child and baby sleep consultant can work towards. 

Don’t make a song and dance about bedtime

Bedtimes don’t have to be these long, drawn-out rituals. With the right guidance, you can fulfil all your child’s needs, prepare them for a great night’s sleep, and get them choosing to sleep in under five minutes (yes, really!). Don’t feel obligated to extend the bedtime routine when you really don’t have to. 

Do be flexible – it’ll work better in the long run

Not every night will be the same, and whether it’s your child’s sleep regression that’s the bump in the road or staying up to attend a special occasion, your child’s bedtime shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

At Batelle, we believe flexibility should be every parent and child’s best friend. Strict habits, patterns and regimes for instance can be easily disrupted. By building trust in sleep and creating a safe haven for your child to sleep independently, you can enjoy great sleep whatever your day or night brings.Want more advice on how to help your child to become a great sleeper? Schedule a free Sleep Assessment and Q&A with a Batelle baby sleep consultant right here. We are always happy to answer questions and offer more detail on how we can help you and your family to enjoy improved sleep.