Mezcals Made for Every Occasion

If you know tequila, you must have heard of its cousin Mezcal. Don’t feel bad even if you haven’t because we’ll tell you all that you should know about this member of the tequila family.  

Mezcal is a distillate that you get from fermented and cooked agave. It’s the smokier form of tequila. It’s the result of allowing the slowly cooked agave to ferment naturally. You can make mezcals in various ways from various agave species. This explains why we have so many types of Mezcals available, each perfect for different occasions. 

The best thing about mezcals is that you can consume them in many ways. Make a cocktail with unique garnishes or simply turn it into a cold beverage. Mezcal is a magic potion that can lift everyone’s mood anywhere, with just one glass.

There are various mezcal styles, and each of these fits different occasions. But, no one can stop you from trying out your favorite mezcal style whenever you want.

Below, we’ll tell you about different mezcals styles and what occasions they are best suited. But, before that, let’s look at some of the most common mezcal types.

Types Of Mezcals 

Types of mezcal are often named after the agave from which they are made. The following 3 are the most common agaves used for mezcal distillation. Most of the mezcal cocktails and smoothies you will consume are made from these:

1. Espadin

The world’s most common agave, Espadin, has a variety of tastes as a mezcal depending on how it’s produced and where. However, mostly it tastes like tequila. It’s so dynamic that you can turn it into any mezcal style and can have it on any occasion you want.

2. Tobaziche

This one’s a rare agave form that you can get from forests. Many brands are now producing mezcals from Tobaziche and are doing a pretty good job. Tobaziche has a savory feel and best suits herb-like mezcal styles.

3. Tobala 

This is one of the most expensive and rare agaves and is quite sought-after for obvious reasons. Like the Tobaziche, Tobala is also harvested in wilds and forests that are rocky and shady. 

Tobala can’t reproduce and needs birds for pollination. However, since it grows under thick shades, birds and animals hardly find their way to it. The mezcal styles coming from this agave are fruity and tangy in taste, hence perfect for cocktails. 

Different Mezcal Styles And When To Drink Them

Using the agave types given above, brands develop various mezcal styles, each perfect for an occasion. Let us look at some of these styles and when best to consume them:

Crema de Mezcal

This mezcal tastes like a fruity smoothie with a tequila-like feel. Its tangy and sweet taste is often the center of attention at parties and get-togethers. Crema de Mezcal is best for when you want to have some fun without going too crazy.


Pechugas are great for weddings, Baptist ceremonies, and very special occasions. Pechuga is a rare mix of agave with nuts, fruits, and raw turkey and chicken steams. It has a luxurious taste and feels like the perfect beverage to have with a royal and fulfilling holiday meal.

Cocktail Mezcal

This one is perfect for vacations when you’re soaking up the basking sun. Try mixing this mezcal type with some fruits and garnishes, and you’re good to go for the day.


Mezcals could be a great replacement for your ordinary, boring tequilas. Try these out when you need something unique and fun to drink, and you’d never have to compromise on a dull drink ever again.