How to Find the Right DJ

Searching for the right wedding DJ can be pretty daunting. You know that you need the perfect DJ but are unsure on how to find the right one. Maybe you are a millionaire who plans to invite world famous artists like DJ Snake, Justin Bieber or Billie Eilish to your wedding. But if you are not a millionaire you may not know what to expect from your DJ between planning and getting things done for your big event. JB Pro Live wants to help guide you as you search for the right services for your wedding. Listed below are four questions you need to ask before choosing the right DJ to make your wedding or event memorable.

Question 1: Is your business a full-time DJ company?

It is important to know whether the DJ that you consider is a full-time DJ and not some part-time event DJ. If you want to make your wedding a truly memorable event, it is important that you hire a DJ that is dedicated to this profession full-time. A career DJ is a performer with real experience in front of a large crowd, diverse crowds, and even tough crowds. DJs with diverse experience can help keep your crowd entertained and help make your event memorable for both you and your guests.

Full-time DJs are also more experienced in providing excellent customer service than compared to an inexperienced part-time DJ. DJs should be able to handle the pressures of performing in front of an audience and recognize that their clients may be under extreme stress as they plan their wedding. You want a DJ that is experienced in customer service and handling all types of situations.

Question 2: Do you customize music for each event?

A DJ is a good fit if they can mix music seamlessly but also play music that reflects your personality and your wedding. It is important that you ask for “mixing examples” that reflect your DJ’s ability to play music without awkward pauses or sound transitions. To ensure the success of your wedding reception or event, a good DJ will need a “template playlist” that showcases your musical preferences and gives the DJ an idea of the kinds of music you want to be played at your event. DJs cannot read your mind but knowing the kinds of music you want can help ensure that there are no embarrassing moments.

A good DJ knows that one size does not fit all. An experienced DJ will be more than happy to accept your template playlist, your “must play” music list, and your “do not play” lists. Good DJs make it clear that you are in control of the music being played at your event. Skilled DJs should be excellent listeners and flexible to meet your needs.

Question 3: What are some of the ways you get the audience pumped?

A skilled DJ should have different ways to encourage guests to come to the dance floor. Some ways a DJ can get the party started or pumped is to encourage guests to join a wedding couple on the dance floor or play popular group dance games.

Ask how your DJ can get the party started and ask to watch previous wedding performance to see how the DJ interacts with the crowd. While it is good to interview your potential DJ, it is an excellent idea to see them in action. A good DJ should have videos on their site or a gallery that showcase their work for you to see and judge for yourself. JB Pro Live have many videos and client reviews to help you make an informative choice about how we engage with audiences and get the crowd pumping. Make sure your DJ can read a crowd, amp up the party energy, and avoid any awkward lulls. DJs should be able to keep everyone on the dancefloor.

Question 4: How well do you handle song requests from the audience?

Sometimes members of the audience may request a song that is against the client’s wishes. DJs should be able to strike a balance between the wishes of the client and try to meet the needs of the party guests.

With permission of the client or newlyweds, DJs can tell guests that they must stick to their approved playlist but will do their best to accommodate their song request. Sometimes, clients will appoint a person such as a bridesmaid or family member to approve the song request without having to interrupt the newly wedded couple or person of honor in an event. DJs should be able to provide solutions to some of the common problems faced during an event.

JB Pro Live is made up of career DJs who have made it their life’s work to provide excellent entertainment for your wedding. Our DJs are experienced and have the skills to keep your guests entertained and pumped. Call us today and allow our team to make your wedding reception a memorable one.